Good Day Sunshine! And other random thoughts that flit through the brain

I woke up today with a clear head and ambition in my belly. Emotional purge and a good night sleep ( 11 hours total) helps. That was the first time in a very long time that stress didn’t wake me up. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I have many questions today and I would like some help in answering them please.

  1. Why does my neighbour try to start his car ever morning without success? Obviously the dude needs a new battery. It isn’t going to charge itself miraculously over night. That sad thing is he tries for about a half hour every single day. (I may or may not have stolen the distributor cable…just saying)
  2. Why is the milk always gone when I want to have coffee? The more I buy the more Genetic OffSpring drinks. 6L every 5 days. Obviously I need to increase it to 8L.
  3. How come the weather is always crappy on Friday Night picnic nights?
  4. Why does my daughter have my dream hair?
  5. How come birds in California don’t scare me like Canadian birds? Is it because they make dresses and sing in English?
  6. How come The Boy in the Striped pajamas disturbed me not because of the ending but because of the fathers attitude?
  7. How come I was so shocked at a discovery in Never Let Me Go , I shouted out loud? I should have seen it coming yet I didn’t!
  8. Why does it not feel like the May long weekend? Is this an omen for my summer?
  9. Why do I regret not buying more Muppet Vinylmation? I bought two and now I am addicted.
  10. Why am I hating school so much? Is it burn out? Is it the projects? I just want to graduate already and I have one more year to go.
  11. Why is 11 such an important number in my life? I had car 11 on Toy Story Mania. I scored 111400 points in that car. I fell asleep at 1:11 last night. I slept for 11 hours in total. What the hell? 11 is magical and yet weird. What does it mean?

Does anyone out there know the answers?


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