The Fear and Passion I faced to become a Hero…True Story

I gazed into the face of fear tonight and screamed like a little girl.

I was petrified, my heart raced and I lost all words. All you could see was me pointing my finger and shaking…

My parents invited my family to go and watch the Passion (a musical version – and no it wasn’t Jesus Christ Superstar – it was an original version). The play itself was quite predictable but good. The live donkey was surprising. During the Crucifixion of Christ, a wee little black beast scurried across the floor and stood in front of me.

We were seated in the front row, so the beast was about 2 feet away from me. It didn’t moved. It just watched me with it’s beady little eyes, plotting the best way to take me down. I lifted my feet, shook my hands at it and prayed it wouldn’t come closer. I sold my last house because there was a mouse in the garden. They terrify me, although not as much as birds. Birds are still the scariest thing on the planet. Mice come a very close second.

My heart was pounding loud in my ears. mice are vile creatures riddle with disease. They are not cute and cuddly as Stuart Little would have us to believe. I firmly believe they are out to take over the world. I was praying for a miracle. Then it happened.

Jesus was on the cross and lightning flashed throughout the building. It lit the little critter up and I expected it to leap my throat and go in for the kill. To my utter relief, it stayed still. Strangely still. Then I feared it was dead. The lights flashed again and to my great relief I saw that little critter in all its glorious beauty. It was not a mouse after all.

It was a beyblade. A kid from behind me thanked me for saving it. I was gracious and said “you are welcome”. The kid never knew what a coward I really was. That is a secret just for between us.

8 thoughts on “The Fear and Passion I faced to become a Hero…True Story

  1. A few years ago (and by the way I share your love and passion for the mice of the world) I had a little one that had somehow entered and for weeks I kept seeing him scurry by occasionally. I had all the usual traps and poisons out (PETA look out!) and then one day I got a very sad and serious phone call from my cousin Phyllis.

    This part of the story of course is not too humorous but my other cousin, Delores,her sister, was dying from cancer and Phyliss was calling to tell us that the end was very near. JUST exactly as she was telling me this, I looked down and there was the varmint. He/she was sort of moving slowly but I knew I had a chance I might never get again and had better do something fast.

    I also could not very well tell my cousin to “hold the line” while I offed a mouse, since this was as I said an extremely disconcerting conversation and I was attempting to listen to the details with some kind of proper concern. But I also had to kill that thing while the killing was good, and to do so without my cousin Phyllis being the wiser. Well all I can say is thank God for cordless phones. I had the phone propped on one ear, getting the details straight so I could pass them on to the rest of the family. With the other hand, I took of all things a nearby chair (he/she/it was literally right directly under the dining room table) then quietly lifted it up a few inches and slammed down fast on its little mouse body with the chair leg, all the while listening intently to the information about my dying cousin and not daring to interrupt or seem unsympathetic in any way. And since I had not ever murdered a mouse before it would have been traumatic enough even during a light moment.

    Somehow it all worked out. But, had I only kept a nice glass (or maybe bottle) of nice wine in the fridge that day I think I would have nicely downed the whole thing afterwards. I was admitedly fairly shook up the rest of that evening.

    It is probably good I don’t drink much. Or not.

  2. That was a great read! ET, I would have screamed and gasped too. I’m a huge weinie for things like insects which sting. I would react the same if a rodent too presented itself I’m afraid…

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