What does your status update look like?


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Facebook Status: ChatterBox  is filming a horror movie and is making me scream for the trailer.  My life is a cartoon.


Status updates on facebook make me laugh…well usually. People just randomly post stuff that is mostly meaningless. The posts I like are the ones that are seemingly bad but end up positive with a funny twist. Like this one (I am not posting who wrote these, if they want to come clean they will admit it in the comment section) :

  • Ended up at the hospital yesterday, after my week-long cold wouldn’t go away. Diagnosed with bronchitis. Got some super-terrific cough medicine, and now I feel super. Super! Like everything should end in exclamation points! Sometimes more than one!!

Tell me that isn’t funny? The guy is sick yet he still cracks me up. Now I know he is stoned too!! I now have all the information I need to understand how he feels without feeling depressed in the process. He very clearly articulated the problem.

Lets take a look at this one:

  • So apparently for the last house showing, I left out a bottle of Advil PM and half a bottle of Champagne for the potential buyers to see (two different rooms!). They probably saw that and stopped touring the house, thinking they were going to stumble upon a body.

    Totally should have smooshed up a bunch of pillows under a blanket in bed.

Not only did I laugh, but I now he is trying to sell his house! Very informative yet comical at the same time, win/win. Then there are those statuses that are funny but weird:

  • Wow. The amount of aftershave this guy is packing plus the friction of those corduroy pants equals a damn fire hazard.

Clearly he is on the subway people watching. Those are usually funny statuses.

My point is this, this is facebook people! People come here to laugh and forget about their crappy life for a while. When you post how sucky your life is, we all can relate because our life is sucky too. Save it for work. Crab and whinge to people who don’t care about you, then it doesn’t matter and you get it out of your system. Better yet, flip your status to the positive. Don’t write “I Hate Mondays” Write ” Friday, I miss you”. Says the same thing but has a different tone.

Change your tone and soon your tone changes you. I promise. Plus, I will like you better and really, who doesn’t want more fake facebook friends?

Speaking of Facebook friends…come be mine please pretty please? I will like you back, I promise 😀

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5 thoughts on “What does your status update look like?

  1. I’ve been considering taking the plunge and Facebook friending you, but I’m just not sure I’m ready for that type of commitment yet.

    Hey, ^^that^^ would make a pretty decent FB status! It’s funny and weird because obviously if you’re reading that I’ve already friended you. Boy, the way my mind works sometimes…

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