My brilliant chef friend has figured out what should have been easy for me but wasn’t! Thank you Chef! I had spatzle restaurant style this week but can’t wait to try this!


About a year ago, I made a request to my readers for an ingredient challenge.  One of the best ideas was from The Edmonton Tourist and she wanted spätzle.  I knew this was due to travels to Germany, where both she and I (on separate occasions) encountered this other-worldly dish.  It’s not suffice to call them noodles, they are not really noodles.  Dumplings might be closer, however this makes you think of golf ball sized spheres of dough floating in a chicken soup.  Nope, these are not those sort of dumplings.

At the time of the challenge, I was lacking proper equipment to prepare a steaming bowl of spätzle .  And probably to ET’s dismay, the idea was dropped like a hot boiled egg when you forget to use tongs.  Well, with a bit of good old Canadian ingenuity (and tools in the garage) I’ve DIY-ed a spätzle maker!

Here is what you…

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