9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: PSA for poor Trevor

  1. He was on SONIC a couple of weeks ago! He thinks it fell out of his truck when he took his kids swimming. The shoes were bought in Ontario by the bride and her good friend, and they are apparently one-of-a-kind. Poor guy!

  2. That’s what I was thinking…does she know? And how is he still breathing if she does? I never cared about shoes, obviously, but my college best friend was ALL about the shoes. Her dress was even a distant second. By the looks of that picture, she doesn’t know…yet.

  3. He took it with him to get his tux to match the colour. And you know guys, just throws it in the truck… Im sure in hindsight he would have transported it on a gold and diamond crusted box. Wedding shoe, where are you??? They wrote a song about it on Sonic would love it ET! Poooor Trevor.

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