Ego, Oracles and Stupidity

This has been the LONGEST WEEK EVER! The standard issue 7 days did not happen. How do I know? I was talking to a gal about a scenario that happened last week. I was told it didn’t happen LAST WEEK it happened Tuesday. Oh… What the… How come this week lasted two weeks? Lets have a closer look shall we?

First of all, I live in a freezer. It takes twice as long to do anything when it is freaking cold – and by cold I mean my nostrils froze shut this week. Winchills in excess of -45C That means busses didn’t run. That means students didn’t come to school except maybe 2 or 3 of them. That means there are MORE adults in the room than children. That means it’s hard to stay motivated. That means lots of cleaning and sorting happens. That means…whatever. Suffice it to say, it is Friday night and I heart Fridays.

Then when all was rosie, Ego came for a visit and kicked me in the stomach, not once, but TWICE. Oh Ego…. I do not heart you. I had two excellent learning lessons this week…feel like crap… want to run away and hide from the pain of it. However, I must “suck it up Buttercup”. Face my wrong doings. Apologize. Realize I am too big for my britches. Then FIX IT. Ug… the worst. This was the Edmonton Tourist’s FB Page status this morning

‘God, grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot
change; the courage to change the one I can; And the wisdom to
know that person is me.’

Just when I thought things were awesome the universe kicks ego in the head and says smarten up dirt bag. Humility is a humbling thing.

THEN I was minding my own business  – building 3 different puzzles with 3 different students (upside down because I am awesome like that….there goes Ego again) When a colleague comes up to me and says she  needs motivation so lets do a half marathon together. Huh? I’m good with the motivation thanks ( BIG FAT LIAR) Cold weather sucks the motivation out of me…activity wise. Food wise I am still doing it! I hope to meet my goal of 50lbs this year. If I train for the half in Calgary, then do the one in Edmonton in August, I will be WELL on my way to 50lbs down just from hours of exercise. Although you don’t lose weight from 30 minutes of daily activity, it does help with all sorts of other things that are associated with weight loss. When training for a half marathon I was working out for 90 mins or more a day. This is where your body will start burning body fat….that’s what I want it to do. So after thinking about it for about 11 seconds, I said sure! May 27, Calgary Alberta, see you at the finish line. I will be the one sporting the belt buckle odd looking cowboy esq medal. My sister says I should just wear a garbage can lid if I want a big belt buckle Calgary style (you should know there is a huge smack fest between Calgary and Edmonton – none of it means anything….or does it?). I’m all about the goal. I see the finish line in my head and I am all over it. This is what I need to light that fire I need. Stupid? Probably. Doable? Absolutely!

THEN – I hear the universe talking to me again through a Rootbeer Bottle. Some people see Elvis in fruit, others see Jesus in their toast, I have an oracle in my Jones bottlecap. True Story. Okay… ACTUALLY, I bought the bottle for GeneticOffspring. He opened it and inside said

Adopt a Pet

We all know I am a big believer is signs. This one has actual words like a REAL sign. I think I will wait for the Universe to bring me the dog/puppy/small/medium sized canine. Then I will adopt it if it is meant for me. The other bottle cap – ChatterBox’s – said “You will be successful in your work” If I apply the same logic as I did for the pet lid, then this one is meant for me too. All I can say is “universe, after the ego kicking you did to me this week I hope so, today I have doubts.” I doubt it because I have that sick ego smashed feeling in the pit of my stomach. I will recover. However, it feels icky still. I did get my ducks in a row in regards to my university project, so that’s a step in the right direction.

Winning the Stars Air Ambulance Lottery is looking pretty sweet right now as a viable option for helping me to run away. Winning it means I could just go to school and not work. THAT would be sweet! I would be done asap. Then get a summer job at Tiffany & Co. because who doesn’t want to work surrounded by sparkly things?

Or….kick ego to the curb and get back to reality planning my puppy’s future.

I heart Fridays people!



8 thoughts on “Ego, Oracles and Stupidity

  1. PUPPY! PUPPY PUPPY!!! Please!? What could be better than to come home after a horrible week of school/work than either watching fringe or a cute puppy face like this? U’/•\’U

  2. Should I book May 27 at our hotel for you? Let me know the dates and I will figure out the carbo loading menu.

  3. I tried to save you from the puppy, but it looks like the universe says otherwise. If you’re determined, go big! Little dogs are annoying, yappy, and full of attitude! Go for a big dog… they don’t have to bark all the time because they know they have the bite to back it up!

  4. I agree on the chores comment above….geez Louise already kids!

    Love the signs from the universe, but in Root Beer caps? I want to be surrounded by sparkly things. If you get the job at Tiffany’s, let me visit often.

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