The Asian Hut or in English : The Russian Tea House

Today was the day it was decided to visit the Russian Tea House. It is a “restaurant” on Jasper Ave, downtown Edmonton. You eat lunch and have your tea leaves read by one of the psychics that work there.

Driving downtown Chatterbox says. “Where is the Asian Hut?”

Me: Huh?

ChatterBox: You know that place we are going to have our fortunes read.

Me: You mean the Russian Tea House?

ChatterBox: Same thing

Me: …………………………..

We arrived and were seated. We ordered food that was Meh, while we waited to to be escorted to the back where a psychic was waiting for us to tell us our future and steal take $200 from us. While I can’t speak to the rest of the family, I can talk about MY fortune…or lack there of.

I had ordered tea for reading and drank it up. I carried it carefully back to Nicky or Julie or Bobby…(I can’t remember her name). I REAAALLY wanted my tea leaves read since Harry Potter has his done by Ron and it was forecast that he would die. I loved that! I liked the idea so much I had placed in on my 50 in 50 list!

We ordered food that no one really liked and waited. When it was my turn, I carefully carried my tea leaf laden cup to a table in the back. Psychic Nicky set it aside and asked what kind of reading I would like. Hmmm, I never had a Crystal Ball reading before, so I chose that one! She washed it of to free it from energies of others then placed it in my hands. It was HEAVY and made my hands sweat. She glanced into it and looked shocked. I said give it to me straight, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Your life is in chaos. Really? NO KIDDING! There is someone you work with who is ( insert what she said) Yes yes that is true. You are working towards something to advance your career. Yes. Your marks aren’t as good as you want them to be. I laughed. This is true. In spite of the honors I am achieving, I want honors with distinction. I was told to apply my self more and I would have that. ( hmmmm I guess that means no more writing a paper on the day it’s due!) There are secrets you keep because you feel alone and abandoned WOW yes this is true. I don’t tell people what I am thinking very often because I don’t suspect they will be interested or understand. In 2 years my new career will take off. I will have a choice of which road to take, but it looks like paper work will be the path I choose (YIPPEEE KI YAY!) You will go on two major holidays this year, one City by a major ocean that feels like the Atlantic (Hello New York!) and one feels like a cruise. (YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSS!) There was a bunch of talk about my kids and really great stuff regarding them, and some sad stuff too.

The the Crystal Ball was removed from my hands. It was time for the tea leaves to be read. I was asked to turn the cup over in the saucer and spin it 3 times.

And….then she dropped THIS little nugget…

You had a medium sized dog who was very special to you. He has passed over and is around you a lot. This opens the door for you to get a small dog, that becomes a medium size dog (so a puppy?) within the next 2 to 5 months. (insert bewilderment and cute squeaky baby talk voice….A PUPPY!!!!)

I’M GETTING A PUPPY! So does this mean I should go out and get one in 2-5 months…or do I wait for the Crystal ball and Tea leaves to send one over? How does this future stuff work?


17 thoughts on “The Asian Hut or in English : The Russian Tea House

  1. Wow, are you ever going to have a swell future. Maybe I should go to one of them physics and see what is coming my way. I don’t want a puppy though, they eat my Ferragamo’s and crap on the carpet.

      1. How many in your group? We are considering it 6 of us but don’t want to be overly charged . Do they have set prices for the readings??

  2. Sounds a bit pricy but that’s Jasper Ave for ya. My dad saw a “medium” I think in Arizona, Mr. Peabody is the spirit channeled. My dad never said a word during the reading and the medium called him out and said not to worry about your daughter who has moved far away – she is strong and will be fine. Blew his mind.
    As for the puppy, wait until it feels right, if you were really meant to have a puppy one will find you (Boston Terriers are awesome, just say’in).

  3. I’ve never had my fortune read (mostly because I’m a big wimp), but this sounds SO COOL! Hmmm. Maybe the drinks at the Russian Tea House are better than the food and I can, erm, fortify myself in advance of the reading…. Puppies are all kinds of awesome. I hope yours finds you soon!

  4. The coolest part of this was seeing the ad for being a health care aide through AB Health Services. That’s one of the projects I’m kinda assisting on. But I am very curious to go there since our other friend went.

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