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The best short stories of Mark Twain
Oh Mark Twain, I love how you make me think! I like that in a man.

The world is full of wingnuts and I am afraid I am one of them. I spent what little free time I have had over the past week catching up on reading your blogs. Not that I am saying you are wingnuts…except maybe one or two of you and you know who I mean…But reading about the events that happen in your lives. It makes the people in my life appear normal but shines a glaring spotlight on me. Yikes…

I use to be an avid reader when things went south for me before I started this Tourist journey. I don’t read as much anymore. It isn’t for the lack of trying. Sitting and focusing my attention on a single book, although decadent, has eluded me over the past year. I normally whip off a book a week but this year, I am lucky if I read 6 books for pure pleasure. I have read numerous research studies, text books, academic journals, children’s fiction but not as much for me. My 50 in 50 project is leaving me feeling like those books are homework. I’m just not feeling it right now.

My Beloved Great Gram used to read short stories. I never understood the appeal until recently. Having a great story that I can sink  my teeth into for an hour or less and have it be completed, what fun is that? I’ll tell you…It is about all my filled up brain can manage. A brief escape into the life of another before my reality consumes me again. I look at your blogs as my short stories. I have read about a woman’s pain after a betrayal so deep, yet she picked herself up, dusted herself off and continues to walk with head held high. I read about pirate adventures in Caribbean, some of which are pretty damn hot! I read about a fascinating gal in Idaho just chugging along doing the best she can. I read about a mom here in Edmonton who couldn’t be more different than I , yet we are the same.

Here I was bemoaning the fact I can’t get to my every growing list of books on my night stand. When the reality is, I am reading everyday as often as I can. Now that I am finished University until mid Jan, I can’t wait to read more. Rest my brain from thinking, analysing, collecting data, APA references and just indulge in your blogs and maybe a bit of author fiction in the form of an actual book or prehaps my e-reader.

The best part about reading for me is the way characters live on in my thoughts. Your stories are living on in my thoughts. I think about you often…creepy yes, but it is your fault, you are incredibly interesting to me! I learn from you and realize we all have the same struggles as we try to figure why we are here.Not only do you inspire me to read, but you inspire me to write. I have collaborative writing project I am working on and after a few good night sleeps, I will be eager to write down the ideas spinning in my head. So keep it up, clearly I need you in my life!

So tell me….what are you reading?


5 thoughts on “Blog it

  1. Oh, please tell me I’m a wingnut! Pretty please!
    It’s the same for me, really. Once upon a time I could read a novel a week, and have an intelligent conversation afterward. Now I read blogs, textbooks and child development literature. I miss having the time (or the space in my own head) to just sit and read a book. But I also love the idea of bloggers as modern story-tellers, sort of continuing the oral tradition. Silently 🙂

  2. I’m reading two right now: “Free to Chose: A Personal Statement” by Milton and Rose Friedman, and “Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler: The Age of Social Catastrophe: by Robert Gellately.

    The first is basically a “For Dummy’s” book on Monetarism, by a Nobel Laureate and his wife. The second is a riveting account of the Russian revolution and its relationship to Hitler and his rise to power. It explores in-depth how bankrupt political ideas can use a variety of propaganda and terrorist means to achieve and hold onto power.

    Both books are reflective of what could happen around the world, and in particular America, if we collectively do not rise up and protect our freedoms. The most important of which is our economic freedoms.



  3. At least you embrace your wingnuttiness.

    I agree, short stories are a special art form. I have always said I would like to write them, but for some reason I find them much more difficult than novels. Maybe I just don’t know when to shut up.

    Currently reading “Standing Still” by Kelly Simmons.

  4. Right now- I am reading and trying to catch up on you. I have been so slack in that department. Although i enjoy everyone’s blogs- i read them when i need to have that feeling thatwe all have a little bit of baggage to deal with. I read them for inspiration. And i read them (or at least try) because i have genuinely like each of the people that i read. You are all super super awesome!
    What book am i reading right now- Steig Larsson- The girl with the dragon tattoo. The thing about my book reading is my e-reader which is small and conveniant. My laptop and hence the blogs sit in my car until the next day when I drag it into the office turn it on, and work. The kindle is not great to be looking at blogs with. Perhaps the Kindle Fire will be different. The problem is that th eversions coming here are Wi-fi. Our infrastructure is third world when it comes to that.

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