When I Grow up I Want to be a…

Having snack with my students is HILARIOUS. Seriously, if I could do this all day, my life would be perfect.

Lately the conversations have been about future careers. You know the kind, “when I grow up I want to be a…” Last year the best career when to a the boy who wanted to be a Transformer. He was serious, had a plan of action and had no doubt that it was possible. If you asked him that same question every day, he would reply in the same exact way with a deadpan expression on his face, “A Transformer.” Nothing in the world was more important or serious to him then that. It is his passion.

This year we have two young gals who are equally as serious. One rambles on and on about when she turns black, she will be Michael Jordan. She honestly believes this will happen. She is sure once she turns black, she will grow tall. One must also assume she will grow some man parts and become Michael Jordan. If there is some way she can become Michael Jordan through talking about it, it will happen. It is her favorite topic of conversation and she continues to talk about it even when no one listens. It is her passion.

The other young gal is the sister of the Future Transformer. She also takes career choices quite seriously. I was told in no uncertain terms that she was destined to be a Barbie. WOW. The feminist in me wanted to cut her down at the knees. But the nurturing teacher accepted her decision as fact and proceeded to grill her on her plans.

Apparently, if you watch Barbie and the Mermaid it explains the whole process. Between you and me, there is no WAY I am sitting through Barbie and the Mermaid. It was bad enough listening to it second hand from a 4 year old. From what I gather, if you wish for something hard enough, put the work in, and be willing to wait, becoming a Barbie is a cinch! I told her my daughter is a Barbie. She looked at me and smiled very seriously. Then she said, “being Barbie is nice, can I see her picture?” So I showed a picture of Chatterbox that resides on my phone. She has blonde hair and is quite tiny for a teenager. The aspiring Barbie nodded her head and agreed that Chatterbox was indeed a Barbie. Clearly, being a Barbie is HER passion.

When I was 4 I wanted to be a super hero, artist, the best jumper, and Scoobie Doo. I never had an inkling that I would be where I am today. I was pretty sure I was going to be 4 forever. It fascinates me these children are so passionate about their fate and destiny. Sure lots of kids want to be something cool, but it lasts for a few days at the most. Not months. These kids are amazing. They make me laugh with their seriousness, and plan of action. They know what they want and how they are going to achieve it. I hope this mindset lasts within them, because when the really figure out how they are going to pay the bills when they are adults, their focus on the goal will get them everything they need.

Children like these ones bring me hope for the future generations. We all could use another Michael Jordan and Transformer in our lives. Heck, we can even use a Barbie or two. At any rate, their passion and conviction are inspiring.

10 thoughts on “When I Grow up I Want to be a…

  1. Precious aspirations of our children are simply awesome! I think being a Barbie is perfect….and if she would have said a Kardashian THEN we would have had some questions. 🙂

  2. I wanted to be a scientist. And a rich guy.

    I guess at one point I was a sort of a scientist, well at two points actually. One when I co-authored a paper that was published in a peer-reviewed journal while I was an undergrad.

    The other when I got into adhesives and composites. I have a couple of patents to show for it.

    But I sure never got rich. I thought I would, but I won’t.

    None of this makes me sad though, there are many small and large choices we get to make through a life. They all have something to do with outcomes, none of them get to be done more than once.

    Time is an arrow. It only stops for you when you stop living.

  3. I wanted to be either a prosecuter or a teacher. I liked Perry Mason and thought it would be wonderful to help convict the bad guys. If that would’ve happened I think I would’ve went on to be a judge. I would’ve been a very hard judge and people wouldn’t have liked me. No nonsense throw the book at them and throw away the key ha!
    If I was a teacher I would’ve taught grade 1. I like the way younger children’s minds work. They are so innocent and the world is looked at by them without cynicism.

  4. Ha…on this week’s Dexter, there’s a scene where one little boy says he wants to be a Transformer when he grows up. Is this a “thing” or is your student secretly an actor?

  5. This does remind me of a Futurama episode where most of the main characters were reverted to childhood by some reverse aging thing that top scientists suspect is a miracle. The robot Bender wanted to be a steam shovel when he grew up.

  6. Oh, it would be so hard to bite my tongue chatting with a little girl about Barbie. I can do it, and have done, because it is absolutely not my place to judge their decisions, demean them, or (and this is the important one) overthink them. Kudos to you, lady!
    The kids in my crew have no concept of impossible, and I LOVE that about them. There is no “never” just “not right now” or “not until I’m older”. Words to live by, there 🙂

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