I Wanna Get Back in Time

Today is the one day of the year that you are granted a Mulligan, do-over, or can re-visit a single hour of your life and change it. We “fall” back in time for the sake of standard time being granted back to us. Good bye daylight savings, I do hate you and now I don’t have to think about you until spring!

I know technically we do not get an “extra” hour. Time is one of those abstract concepts that is difficult to comprehend. It’s up there with other mystical ideas like New Years Eve, Mile Stone Birthdays, and significant “firsts”. All of these look at the possibilities of time as being something granted, like a wish. An oppourtunity to say “well THAT totally sucked! I need to try again!” Only those people who have a need for growth or a desire to be more than what they currently are look at these moments as opportunities. People who are stuck in the past, who think they have already achieved the best that is possible let this moment pass them by without a second thought.

I have reached a point where I can look at last year and ask myself the true learning lesson of those moments I was in. Depression played a huge part in that. I recognized I need to find a way past it, climb out from the vortex and carry on – stiff upper lip and all that jazz. In many ways, my life to day is a million times better than my life one year ago. Yet I miss things that I had to let go of to reach this moment in my life. If I had a Flux Capacitor and a DeLorean, would I go back to have those things back? I could use the Standard time differential of one hour. One Hour to re-live great moments of E.T.’s history.

For the most part I would say no. I can intellectuality understand the need for letting things go, learning from them and moving on. Emotionally it is more challenging. I suppose many of us think back to a great moment from our lives and re-live it to a certain extent. Tonight you have that opportunity to waste, reminisce, or ponder one moment without giving up your current momentum. Of course if you really messed something up, you can take this extra hour to fix it. Conversely, if you are enjoying yourself, you have an extra hour of fun in store.

For me, I have 2 hours of perfect time in my life. 2 hours where I often think back to and smile. Everything came together perfectly and I would never trade them for all the diet coke in the world. Would I re-live it? Good question. These 2 hours were part of a friends birthday party. I couldn’t go. So we talked on the phone. I had never felt so connected to that person – ever- as I did during that conversation. I was fully engaged, not thinking about anything else but the moment. Emotionally it was very fulfilling. Intellectually it was stimulating. We laughed, we cried, and we smiled. At the end, neither of us wanted to hang up. I missed them and felt empty the moment the phone disconnected. I cannot look or hear the number 24 without thinking about that day.

So, would I relive it?


It would never be the same. I will take some time during my extra hour to remember it though.

I think that is the real learning lesson of time. You can’t go back and have it be the same. Embrace it, remember it and cherish it.

However, I do wish I had it on digital format on a playlist for my iPod. Would it be too creepy to start recording every conversation I had from this moment forward so I can listen to it over and over? Yes, I think so too. Just wishful thinking.

Spend your hour wisely and enjoy the moment!

6 thoughts on “I Wanna Get Back in Time

  1. In every human heart there is that spark that wants “to do it over” but one more time, realistically thinking, “if I just had ONE MORE SHOT AT IT I would get it right” but sadly we all know, it isn’t going to happen.

    Often I feel as you do, but I just get up, suit up for the game, and try to get on base. I know there are times I am not going to hit a home run.

    As for the time and the clocks, I just wish they would leave it alone. Sun is up … Daylight. Sun is down … Night time, that kind of deal.


  2. I have a long list of do-overs – things I would change if I could – but in the end, none of it really matters. Second guessing is fruitless. We are where we are because of the decisions we have made, and where we are is exactly where we are supposed to be.

    /mystical pondering.

  3. There were so many great moments last year – and an equal or greater value of (ahem) “learning experiences”. I don’t want any do-overs, because you are so correct in stating that it really wouldn’t be the same. It’s the discovery, I think, that makes those moments so resonant. Whether the discovery is “I feel so connected to you” or “Well, that was a bad decision”. Happy standard time!

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