The Soundtrack for my Smiles

I have had this song running through my head today:

Yes, that’s right, Circus Theme Music.  I know you are jealous, admit it. Don’t you love days when you get a song stuck in your head and it lingers with you forever? Yesterday’s theme was Lady Gaga Raha HAHAHAHA, I don’t tend to leave the song in my head. I prefer to share it with the Universe. Be thankful you don’t work with me. I have a song for every occasion and burst into song at a moments notice. Luckily for me, my students find it fun and engaging, they often will join me until we reach frenetic levels and get out of hand. The other teachers in the room stare at me and smile at me in that pathetic way…you know what I mean, they look at me like I am certifiable, or worse.

Today was the kind of day that you had to sing or cry. I prefer to sing and laugh. Everything that could go wrong DID go wrong today. Then we had a fire drill. Not the fun “chinese” chaotic firedrill where you jump out of the car and run around 3 times at a stop light. The REAL kind, where you stop what you are doing and head outside. For the record, it has been fairly nice weather, no snow yet, but the kids lips were still blue while we waited for the go ahead to enter back into the building. We warmed up with a song and dance number, not quite the Hockey Pokey, but darn close to it. Then all was well again. But that Circus Music kept ringing in my ears.

It is well known that I practice cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Changing thoughts to motivate and alter mind set. I need to apply this to D.J. in my head. I need a quick little list that I can switch to when the current song gets out of hand. Last year I came up with a theme song for my life. Now I think I need a sound track. Songs that my brain can flip through to take away the lunacy of my daily life and keep me happy and smiling. So right off the bat, NO COUNTRY MUSIC on my sound track. Aside from the obvious reason of making my ears bleed, country music is often sad and depressing. I don’t need that in my day. I need songs that will transport me to another place and time in a moments notice, or remind me of a person who puts a smile on my face. My sound track needs 11 songs, because for those of you who don’t know, 11 is MY NUMBER. I love every thing about it, including the fact Mark Messier wore it. Searching for 11 sound trackable songs will be easy. Narrowing it down to 11 is the hard part. I think I have it covered though and the Circus Theme song DID NOT MAKE THE CUT! Ready? I have make a downloadable soundtrack list on iTunes for those of you wishing to share my soundtrack. You can find it here and join me on ping.

My list of music is not my favorite music by any means. That changes daily. It depends on my mood. My list has specific songs that remind me of places, people and times in my life that are significant to me. If you are close to me, you will recognize yourself in my list. Here it is!

The Edmonton Tourist Sound Track to make me Smile

  1. The Muppet Theme Song – This pays homage to all my family but mostly my brother. We never missed an episode and could do every skit.
  2. New York State of Mind – Everyone who knows me understands why THIS is on my list.
  3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Not from the movie but about the movie. I hate Moon River, so this makes the list.
  4. Music to Watch Girls by – Oh Andy Williams! I love you and so does my mom!! I remember watching her dance in our kitchen to this song. I thought I had the prettiest mom in the world! Still do…
  5. Sway – by Dean Martin I danced with my Grandpa to this song, I was 14. Dino holds a place in my heart for many reasons.
  6. When You Come – Crowded House. Can I just say, Neil Finn one of the most under-rated song writers of all time? This takes me back to the beach, camp and all great things that happened the summer of 1988
  7. Wild Night – John Melencamp. Van Morrison is great, but I prefer this version. The summer of 1994 HUGE changes in my life, all of them good
  8. This is My Life – Firewater. Always makes me think of my friend Square. I admire a bazillion things about her and she makes me think and of course smile.
  9. Relator – Pete Yorn. This song was played constantly during my chrysalis stage.
  10. Pink Houses – John Melencamp. He played this song at a concert before he released it. I was with my BFs from high school. I loved those gals and in many ways still do.
  11. Linus and Lucy – Sunday dinners at Grandma’s surrounded by my family, with evenings filled with cribbage, smashes and roast beast.

Go ahead and critique it. Tell me what you would add, or better yet, make a list and ping me on iTunes. More music is always a good thing.



6 thoughts on “The Soundtrack for my Smiles

  1. My theme song and I’ve had it since high school is the Theme to Shaft by Isaac Hayes. Just insert my name where the ‘colored girls’ sing ‘Shaft.’ You were one of my ‘colored girls’ at my wedding when it was played.

    It started when I thought having a theme song would be cool. It turned into the fantastic idea of the way to start every day going to school. I would head out to the bus with Isaac and his band, they would start playing and we would get on the bus. Other kids would move out of the back of the bus so that my band could sit down, fire up a joint and get mellow for the start of the school day. We would get off the bus first, so the other kids would have to follow me and my band in. By the time we reached the doors, I would be high-fiving my friends and giving cut-eye to whoever was on my shit-list. The pretty girls would swarm around just as Isaac broke into song. “Whose the black private dick that’s the sex machine for all the chicks” and the ‘colored girls’ would sing Tony, Isaac would answer, “right on.” By the time the song was finished I was heading to the door of my first class, and Isaac and the guys would hang out and do whatever they felt like.

    “Whose the cat that won’t run off when there’s danger all about” Tony, “Damn Right.”

    My wife was astonished to know that I had a theme song, I even phoned my buddy RKH and she asked him what my theme song was, his instant answer was “Shaft.’

    Can ya dig it?

    On the topic of ‘colored girls’ it is the best description of girl singers coined in the famous Lou Reed song, “Take a Walk on the Wild Side.” do todo do todo do, etc then great sax solo. Lou was cool too.

    1. If you mean “coloured girl” as in so white I am transparent…then yes that was me. I was awesome and I had cool moves as I sang “Tony”. I remember it being a classy wedding watching the bride walk down the aisle to “Shaft” …smooth.

  2. Dean Martin’s “Ain’t Love a Kick in the Head?” I married my husband to this song, and it makes me smile every time. Also, just about anything by The Jackson Five and/or that entire golden era of bubblegum popping Motown. Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”, aka the hands-down Best Song In The World? Yeah. That’ll do 🙂

  3. I’ve just gotta say, John Mellencamp’s version of “Wild Night” is pretty freakin’ awesome! And it brings back memories of 1994 to me, too…a year that was unlike any other, full of change and fresh possibilities.

    Well, unlike any other except for 2011, it turns out.

    And I dig your new theme.

    1. It IS a great tune! As for my theme, I didn’t get an option. It’s the new upgrade. Luckily i like it so i didn’t have to look for a different one 🙂
      YOU are having a STELLAR year! One more piece to fall in place and I would dare say 2011 may be in your Top 11 of all time 🙂

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