NaNoWrMo – That’s right, I said it…

My Life Coach and I have been talking about finding me a goal or a challenge that is not food or fitness related. The purpose is to find every day joy and meaning in life and activities without the drive and commitment of my goals. Something fun to enable me to  to let loose. The problem is, I am quite driven and focused. These are not optimal conditions for “Letting Loose”.  It has been a struggle to find the balance between play and intellect. Both of those things are fun for me. I think I found it!

Over on the WordPress Dashboard there was discussion about NaNoWrMo. That sounded like camp to me and Camp was fun! So I took a peek. NaNoWrMo is a 30 day challenge to write a book. We are not talking about a Pulitzer Prize or a Booker Award, but someplace to let my ideas run free without the restriction of knowing I may hurt someone’s feelings as I blog, or adhere to the rule about never write down stuff that may come back to haunt you. In Novel format, I can write to my hearts content, play out scenarios between my characters and choose to share or not the contents of my pages. Of course i am fantasizing about my book being brilliant and being snapped up for publication, but the real truth of the matter is, I am more grounded when I write.

I do know I have many readers who are aspiring writers themselves…kind of why we are here! I invite you to take a look and join the challenge with me. Who knows what will come out of it in 30 days? One thing is for sure, it is something new, and I am all about trying out new things right now.

11 thoughts on “NaNoWrMo – That’s right, I said it…

  1. I’m in again! I’ve tried for years, but always seem to stop at the 20k mark or even less, because I am wooed by ‘better’ ideas. And then I stall.

    Not this year!

    Need a writing buddy or word-war partner?

    Good luck!


    1. OOooo do you have advice? I think I will take you up on being my writing partner. I suspect this is going to be a challenge. I looked at the options and its all fiction – I am thinking memoir, so already I am breaking the rules! Ha! typical me. I narcissistic like that 😉

  2. First, I am actually looking into getting my life coaching certificate…how do you like yours? Secondly…I think you have a very interesting challenge ahead of you! This 30 day challenge–does it have any restrictions or rules?

    1. I think you would be great at it! I don’t have mine, when I am finished my MBA I will be an executive coach…the same but way different lol. I do love my Life coach, she has helped me see things very differently 🙂

  3. I might try it next year if I get better. I would rather write a screenplay. I actually started on one about 15 years ago, but never finished it. Been thinking of jumping back on it or start a whole new one.

  4. I’m going to try it this year. I signed up for it last year but didn’t get too far with it unfortunately. I’m excited as I’ve been in the mood to write lately!

    1. Excellent! Starting is hard for me so I think I will write the middle first, I’ll have a better chance at finishing if I write what’s in my head first then let the other parts flow. I’m excited about this too!!

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