I’ve Turned a Corner!

I think I have turned the corner! The worst of the plague is over, and for the record, I do not recommend it. I am feeling good – ish.

My head is restless and wants to get out and enjoy the sunshine, clean the house, get groceries, go for a swim, bake cookies, put a roast in the oven and read a book that does not have the words “qualitative or quantitative” research in the title.

The bad news is, I am weak. I work up a sweat walking into the kitchen and deciding what kind of coffee to make. So I can tell I have not fully recovered. That must mean I am in for a lazy Sunday. I’m okay with that! I spent all day yesterday critiquing a journal study for my latest class…not as fun as it sounds. Then I took time out to watch my Oilers pound the Rangers into the ground. All in all it has been a great weekend thus far.

I am having trouble shutting off the “thinking” aspect of my brain. Contemplating my actions in certain events, thinking about over thinking, re-hashing past conversations in my head and over analyzing. None of this leads to good and promising things. My choices are full on lobotomy – I hear the side effects are not very appealing. Letting myself sleep until eternity – again side effects are not good. OR I could visit the art gallery – I miss you AGA! OR read a book off my bucket list. That might work. Something with substance that forces me to view someone elses perspective on things. Sounds perfect. Next week I’ll check out the AGA and maybe catch a movie. I am needing some fun in my life. The Plague sucked a lot of it out me…but I’ll get it back.

Happy Sunday!

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