Disappointment Tourist Style

I should have stayed in bed today. You know those kind of days I’m talking about. The kind that start out bad and get worse. Ugg.

It wasn’t like it was Friday the 13th. It was more that today was filled with disappointments. I had been on a roll lately with all these positive and fabulous things happening to me. But today….hmmm good thing that happened was…hmmm. Oh I know! I wore my brand new red leather Coach gloves to work and it was cold enough to wear them home from work! They looked pretty on my steering wheel. Crap, that was the highlight? Awesome.

Today was about disappointments. So in classic Tourist Style, here is my Top 11 disappointments for today!

  1. The Jack Rabbits are starting to turn White…Really? I know this has to do with the amount of sunlight and not the weather but GEE WHIZ I am not ready for winter!!! Very disappointing.
  2. At lunch I pulled out my bag, only to discover a sad salad and tuna. Gone are the Thanksgiving leftovers I had been eating for lunch. Very disappointing.
  3. I spilled my coffee and had to start over this morning. THAT was very upsetting, perfectly great coffee sopped up by Bounty the quicker picker upper. Yes I did consider wringing it out in my cup. Very disappointing.
  4. I lost my left Canada Olympic Mit and somehow have 2 right mitts. It is uncomfortable on my left hand. WHO HAS MY LEFT MITT? Very disappointing.
  5. I worked really hard on a project for a friend and had to TELL them to thank me….not cool, kind of hurtful and very disappointing.
  6. I was very excited about a project I was working on for work  and was told I should go back to my original idea that I am NOT excited about. Very disappointing.
  7. I’ve started training for my next half marathon and my foot still hurts. Very disappointing!
  8. I watched a little kid fall on their face. They never put their hand out to stop themselves from getting hurt. This is the 2nd time this week – different kids. I thought evolution was suppose to aid in the protection of self. Very disappointed in Evolution right now.
  9. I went to the gym and walked/ran 5km and it was only a 3km day! SO FREAKINGLY DISAPPOINTING!
  10. I had lunch with a gal who told me about her life before and after the war living in Croatia. Why can’t people just get along? How very disappointing.
  11. My parents got back from the Middle East and did not bring me back a piece of the Crucifix OR an autographed copy of the Bible. This was the most disappointing of the list. Well…not really. These are in no particular order. Clearly you can figure out what order they should be in, my readers are smart like that.

Now lets look at the bright side shall we?

    1. Jack Rabbits are cute all brown with white paws and ears…AND they looked tasty!
    2. The gravy was clogging my arteries. Salad adds ruffage and tuna omega 3s. Today was a healthier option!
    3. I had more K-Cup and made myself another cup!
    4. I have new Red Leather Coach Gloves, a right glove and a left glove, I can dream about for the drive home. Crappy right handed gloves are fine for the playground!
    5. They were sincere in their apology and promised not to take me for granted again.
    6. I don’t have to do either project and can continue just plugging along doing my daily requirements.
    7. I have shaved 2 minutes of EACH kilometer without trying!
    8. Little kids are cute with band aids on their noses.
    9. I went for 5km today and didn’t feel I needed a nap!
    10. Kindness starts with me, then I need to pay it forward.
    11. Fake souveniers are not worth anything. But they are funny. Okay, there is no bright side to #11. THIS IS SO DISAPPOINTING!

Ok Tourist, how does the bright side feel? To be honest, it feels like I am trying too hard. Sitting in disappointment is okay for a while then it will be time to move on. The good thing about the disappointments that affect me most, are the ones I have control over. I can choose to partake or not. I can help my friend or not. I can do the project or not. The Offsprings Biological Co-Creator (Honey’s new name because Mike said it sounded better and more MANLY) suggested I soak in the tub and ponder my choices. He can give good advice if I stop him at the right moment in time. If you let him go on too long…well… it becomes disappointing and I don’t want to go there. I have had enough disappointment for one day.

8 thoughts on “Disappointment Tourist Style

  1. 1) The autographed copy of the Bible is my line;
    2) They are Varying Hares and not Jack Rabbits;
    3) Did the kid not have arms or something? The protection while falling reflex is something that even lower order simian-like critters have and it never fails;
    4) If your foot hurts, do something else for cardio and muscle building;
    5) Are you saying that the piece of the True Cross that Sister Sebastian brought back from the “Holy Land” is somehow not authentic?!!!!???!!!!!;
    6) Don’t sweat the Canada Olympic glove thing; they are passe, especially when any idiot can buy them;
    7) Don’t let the black dog in the door!

    1. 1) i have never heard you say it.
      2)Bla Bla Bla – I know that, I also know there are no Rabbits in Alberta sans domestic.
      3)I have a theory about this. You know it. We discussed it.
      4)I know, I Know….but I think I need new shoes.
      5)Sister Sabastian is roasting in HELL right now for being a big fat liar AND the devil does not live under your bed.
      6)That is why I wear it in the playground. Why would I wear my Coach Gloves to work and get a kids snotty nose all over it? It just bugs me that some how I now have 2 right mitts and no left mitt! How does this happen???
      7)WTF? Okay…

  2. I am not sure I understand #2 “At lunch I pulled out my bag, only to discover a sad salad and tuna. Gone are the Thanksgiving leftovers I had been eating for lunch. Very disappointing.”

    How can you have Thanksgiving leftovers when it is October?

    Life would be pretty boring, if it always went the way we wished it to, don’t you agree?


    1. In Canada, Thanksgiving was last weekend! It celebrates the harvest – not that anyone I know is a farmer 🙂
      I agree that life shouldn’t be boring. I understand why obstacles enter my path, I just have a need to figure it all out. Here is to a better day 🙂

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