Danger Girl Rides Again

When I was 4, My best friend and I had very active imaginations. We strapped towels to our shirts, slipped on our rubber boots and flew all over the neighbourhood. We were super heroes. Our mission? To rid the world of bad ghosts. We had special lightning bolts in a compartment built into our chest. We would leap from shed roofs, scale trees and build forts. We were invincible – not to mention cool, awesome and spectacular.

Then I moved to Yellowknife. The Danger Girl Duo was never to ride again. Danger Girl did live in my thoughts for the rest of my life. I loved her tenacity and strength, her courage and bravery. I loved that I picked a super hero that I created, not Stan Lee. Danger Girl was all me and Tanya.

This morning I felt I needed to dig out my cape and don my wellies. I feel like I need that added support while I forge through my week. Not that my week is stressful. It isn’t AT ALL! My class is lovely. Sweet, on the ball beauties that are fun and interesting – not tiring and stressful. I cut down on University classes this term and have only one class, I am not training for any huge races. All in all, things are awesome….so why do I feel like I am trying to keep my head above water?

Good Question Danger Girl!

I went to see my…not sure what to call her, I guess ‘Life Coach” is the best term. My Life Coach visits happen once a month. I go see her for support in all I do from exercise, to weight loss, from goal setting to relationship advise. I trust her completely and adore her in ways I never expected too. Anyway….. I went and saw my Life Coach. She took one look at me and said “are you not sleeping? You look exhausted!” Hmmm….well…I do have things on my mind and I think I have crashed. My cape slipped a bit.

I told her am feeling pressure and feel like I am in mourning. WHAT?!?!?! After setting the HUGE goal of a half marathon – huge for me… and working hard to achieve it, taking 2 classes at once, teaching in one of the most difficult scenarios I have ever been in, dealing with relationship changes, children moving on to high school, then having it all end on August 21, 2011. I feel…empty. The emotional well is dried up and it isn’t filling at a decent rate.

I thought maybe I just need a new goal! So I set one to run 5k. I hate it. I hate running. I hate it almost as much as walking. Maybe less because it isii over faster. You know what my Life coach said? She said, so change your goal.

WHAT???????????? You can do that? Isn’t that called QUITING???????????? I am NOT A QUITTER!!!!!!!!

Apparently it is not quitting. It is CHANGING. She said, you are tired. Why don’t you make a goal to have fun and relax. Lay on the couch. Watch a lot of movies. Read a lot of books that don’t have to do with qualitative or quantitive research. Read a book for FUN? WOW novel concept. She said, swim because you find that fun. It’s true I do. AND I resent having to go to the gym and miss out on swimming because I have to run. If I wish, I can run later.

Time to regroup. She suggested I take all the time I need to rest. Karma is giving me a break and has severely lightened my load. I need to take advantage of that. I haven’t had “nothing to do” since last summer, 2010. While I still HAVE lots to do, it feels like nothing in comparison. 4 major projects, 7 papers, 9 books to read for school will keep my weekends full, BUT I won’t be working into the wee hours of the night this time….phew….

I might actually go TO the movies! I have a 100 birthday party to go to on saturday, I am in the middle of reading 3 great books I can’t put down! I am in the middle of planning a wine and cheese party with Polly and the gals. So my next goal is to have fun. Not work so hard. Quit rushing everywhere!!

Chill Danger Girl and fly.

16 thoughts on “Danger Girl Rides Again

  1. Did you know that my penultimate name is Danger? Anthony George Joseph Peter Danger Warren, live it be it.

    Running is a bad idea. It is an absolute one-way ticket to an injury. Swimming on the other hand is great. No impact, great exercise, and for those like you who actually know how to do, fun. Do that instead of some stupid run. You can do the run, no problem. But the risk of injury is enormous.

    Yesterday I bought a pair of skis. Last year’s race stock Head GS skis. I got them cheap. I am going to join Canada Olympic Park and go out a few times a week and just put them on edge and ride the edge until I have to turn. Then I will flop them over on the other edge and continue until I am at the bottom. Repeat often.

    I may get in good enough form to go for a day in the mountains. Than I can do the same thing only way faster. I like going way faster. When I turn 60 I am going to go to Montana and ski V’s nephew, niece and their young friends into the dirt. They will all about die trying to keep up with me. I especially want to make my brother-in-law go up in flames trying to keep up with Danger Warren.

    This entails danger, I am old, out of shape, and ski way too fast. I like the danger, I like the speed, I hate the falling. So I have a strategy; I never fall. Easy, just flop the ski onto and edge, ride it hard until I have to change direction, then continue until I get to the bottom. Old racers can do this because they know how to carve a turn. Old goofs can’t do this because they do not know how to carve a turn.

    1. Well Dange… Can I call you Dange? You always made racing sound easy. So I tried it. You are right, speed is fun- falling not so much. 60 and spraying snow in the faces of whipper snappers is awesome…and holy crap- when did you get old?

  2. ET, you are awesome. I love the way you will make relaxing your next goal – after the birthday, the movies, the book reading and the wine and cheese party.

    Even with just your study keeping you busy, your version of “minimal” is my current version of “supreme overload”. I think that’s why I’m so distracted at the moment. I’ve got nothing to keep me focussed.

    Introduce me to your Life Coach please! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks Oracle! I am the kind of person who NEEDS a relaxing goal. I do a billion things before noon, I put myself last on the list. I’m feeling the tiredness…so relax it is! The party stuff is relaxing to me. Fun is a big part of rejuvenating self ๐Ÿ™‚ Come for a visit, and I will introduce you to my life coach, you would love her!

  3. Sounds like you picked a great life coach. It’s easy to get so caught up in accomplishing things and being busy that we forget the importance of enjoying life in the process. Enjoy the relaxing and the reading and the skiing (even though I think it’s crazy for people to hurl themselves down hills on thin pieces of wood).

  4. Yes! Your Life Coach is a genius! The goal is to live this life with some joy, right? Trudging our way through a bunch of joyless milestones looks much better in print than it does in real life ๐Ÿ™‚ Good for you, lady. Have a fantastic weekend!

  5. I started running for the first time (outside of organized sports and even then I always played keeper so I didn’t have to run the soccer field) about a month ago and my first 5k is in a week. I was also a hater. It was not fun, it was boring, it hurt. But in what has become a shocking development, I now wake up with an itch to run.

    I admire your self-realization (with the help of your Life Coach) and making those changes by slowing down and altering your goals. I think that’s just as adventurous and daring as anything Danger Girl did.

    1. Thanks Lisa! I haven’t ruled out the run, I am just resting first, regrouping and chillaxing. Soon I will be back to running. I have a burning desire to run a 5k. I can’t explain why. Good luck on your first race! I want to read all about it ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Assessing a plan or your goals and adjusting accordingly is what we do all the time! You have to because there are so many other factors involved outside your control (as well as inside your control). ET, good job for taking a step back dear friend!! A 5K is very doable and maybe find a friend to do it with you?? Just a thought….much love!

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