Yeah. Good Times.

I recently started following a new blogger (new to me) Jillsmo on Twitter. Her blogs are brilliant because they are honest and true. There are times when I am SURE she is spying on me. Creepy actually. Her latest post reflects the conversation my brain has with me during prime sleeping time. You can read her posthere. But I loved it so much, I am posting it here too. Thanks Jill for the much needed laughs!

My Scumbag Brain, by Jillsmo

5 thoughts on “Yeah. Good Times.

  1. Same deal for me. Fat-headed brain that I should be able to control and tell to shut up but it simply doesn’t listen. It is like my brain forms no part of my mind.

    Now add periodic limb movement disorder to the mix and things really turn to crap.

    One thing that used to work for me was a brain shelf. It was like a giant set of lockers. Each contained an idea or a thought. The wall of them was big. On the outside each box looked the same size. Inside though each box was infinite. I could store a thought in a box, latch the box closed and the idea became hidden from me. I knew where it was when I needed it, but most of the time it would stay hidden. This worked great for quite a long time. Then the latches to the doors started to fail, and some of the hinges fell off, and I don’t have the energy to put them back on and fix them. So now my brain during sleep has resorted to endless weird dreams that want to wake me up. Then I just float around in a near sleep sort of state until I get pissed off and get up for awhile.

    Later I may be able to sleep, but usually not. So now I am going crazier because I can’t get enough sleep to function during the day. No work = no outlet for hyper-active brain thingy. The cycle just gets worse.


  2. I am spying on you. Weren’t you wondering where that creepy looking Teddy bear that suddenly appeared on your dresser came from?

    I’ve said too much…..

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