I Was Almost a Hobo

Great News! I lived!

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about I shall explain. I walked 20km today – it ended up being closer to 21km. This was in preparation for my up coming 1/2 marathon in two weeks. I planned to walk by 2 hospitals and 2 funeral homes…just in case. But, I felt fabulous afterwards. I think race day, if I get a good sleep, should go off without a hitch!

I walked from my house to the University of Alberta and then over to Old Strathcona’s Farmer’s Market. It is far. This was my LSD walk. I know it sounds a lot more fun that it actually was. L = Long S= Slow D=Distance

I walked at an easy pace, this let me know on race day I can push my self faster and still be fine. I completed my 20km in 3:45 min. YAY! The major component is COMPLETED. That is my goal for August 21. I wish to Finish the race. I don’t care if I am last, if I have to crawl or if roll across the finish line I want to finish! This will be the first major goal completed for me this year. Wow.

I have been practicing “Mindfulness”. I go into depths of mindfulness in Me and Mo if you are interested to in learning more about it. But the short answer is, Mindfulness is using your 5 senses to be in the moment. It was a very zen/yoga experience.

Often on my long walks, my mind drifts to various scenarios to have fake conversations with people. Or it imagines different places I would like to be, or it really gets carried away and creates all kinds of scenarios where there are people AND places involved and often a glass of wine. Today was different.

I swam 3 times this week for 90 mins or more. I did the regular walking distances as per my training outline and I re-configured my music. I have a couple of songs on my playlist, when I hear them I burst into tears or I am transported to favorite memory that now is just heart braking. I turned THOSE off and focused on my walk. Did you know that Edmonton on a Saturday morning is filled with kooks and strange happenings? I had no idea either. I am often sleeping on a Saturday morning!

Let me share with you The Things you see on Mulberry Street the things you see in south Edmonton.

1. I am pretty sure I saw John Cleese riding his bike – true story. He wears a Tilley hat and his moustache is graying, but it was him.

2. I passed a Wicca/hippie house. They had a raised vegetable garden in their front yard. It was built in the shape of a star. Various Wicca symbols were all over the their home. I wanted to go in and visit, but I was on a time schedule people!

3. I saw a man step onto his balcony buck naked. His junk was swaying in the breeze. Why do guys who look like Brad Pitt NEVER do this? Just wondering….

4. I saw a home without a view of water to be seen – not even a puddle – yet their entire home was sail boat themed. Poor guy…It’s hard to live on the prairies when your heart belongs on the ocean, or at Tiffany’s New York…I can sympathize.

5. I saw a guy wearing a very colourful short sleeved shirt. As I got closer, I realized it was his tatt. He even had a cuffs on his arm.

6.I saw a family of 4 riding a tandem bike with a trailer bike and a buggy trailer. It was long but they were having a great time! The parents each had a dog in their backpack too.

7. I saw an entire front and back yard filled with sunflowers. Not a blade of grass to be seen. It was beautiful.

8. I saw 3 guys riding heir bikes into the river valley with golf clubs strapped to their back. The guy in the rear was wearing a hockey helmet and had 2 hockey sticks in his bag.

9. I saw a house painted in lemon Yellow and Hot Pink. Right next door was a cool contemporary home, not a blade of grass out of place. The Yellow house had buckets lining the sidewalk filled with collections of rocks, shells, broken glass and christmas bulbs. Two little girls were having a tea party and one ran home to the contemporary house to get more cookies.

10. I met a man while crossing the street and he talked about the weather. That made me smile, in Edmonton strangers will talk about the weather or hockey.

11. At the 10k point, I saw a train coming. I thought about making a run for it, but knowing me I would trip and fall and be killed. The goal is not to die BEFORE I finish the 1/2 marathon. So I waited. And waited….and waited….

There was 5 engines on this train. I knew it was headed for the mountains and I also knew it must be loooooooooooooong. The cars had the typical Alberta cargo, lumber, gasoline, Sodium Hydroxide, Oil and Molten Sulfur. What is THAT for? I stood waiting for 5 songs, one of which was Bohemian Rhapsody. HOLY CRAP it took for ever! During that time my mind wandered. I thought about running along side the train and hopping on. Leaving my life behind and becoming a Hobo. I would stop at little hobo camps along the way, carry the bandana tied to a stick that my dad gave me for my 18th birthday (Dad thought he was hilarious. In the bandana was an apple, a road map and a home renters guide. – TRUE STORY! Love you too Dad!) I thought I would love the life of a hobo! Riding the rails, traveling to parts unknown….not really, I know the railway ends in Prince Rupert. But I was too afraid of falling under the wheels trying to jump on. In my head I am an awesome jumper. In real life…not so much. So no Hobo life for me in THIS incarnation.

( I think I could make it as a Hobo, even though these are just camping pictures)

If today was any indication how my 1/2 marathon will go, I will rock it! I can’t wait to wear the medal around my neck.

8 thoughts on “I Was Almost a Hobo

  1. Your spirit is amazing. You will have no difficulty with the half marathon. Don’t let it suck you into doing a full marathon. That is just a guarantee of an injury.

    You go kid!


  2. I guess the Brad Pitt lookalikes aren’t the exhibitionistic type. Too bad for you!

    Great accomplishment – sounds like you’ll do just fine during the 1/2 marathon. No need for hospitals or funeral homes, I’m sure.

  3. What a fantastic achievement! Of course, I knew you’d do it. 😉

    I look forward to reading all about your fabulous success with the half marathon – know that I’ll be cheering for you all the way!

  4. Fantastic job! We are looking forward to seeing you at the finish line on Marathon Day. We’ll have to make sure were there early enough so we don’t miss you crossing the finish line.
    Your biggest fans
    Theresa and Craig

  5. Congrats & good for you. I remember my days of running track when I was a kid…no way I could even think about running or walking any distance these days. Good luck in the race!

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