Another Disappointing Birthday Party

Today was a very disappointing day. It was a birthday party to celebrate all the family members whose birthday is in the Summer Season. I am included in that list. I went to the Winter party to celebrate all those winter birthdays, next year I should host the Spring Parties because my 2 Off Spring are spring babies. Sadly I missed out on the day that celebrated ME!

I was working hard on some papers that were due. More homework then one hopes for in the middle of summer, but I am almost finished. I had high hopes for the presents this year. I was HOPING for a blue box tied in white ribbon containing a numerous amount of things sparkly, or a purse pen or a change wallet (Tiffany blue) or a Tiffany notes Cuff bracelet. Did I get those? No. Not that I should EXPECT gifts, I missed out on a card party.

Aunty Kitty gave me a great card though.

I feel your pain Delores. Maybe next year…

6 thoughts on “Another Disappointing Birthday Party

  1. Ugh. I feel your pain. Summer birthdays, as a kid especially, were the worst. Everyone was away or at camp. I never had a locker decorated, or got to bring cupcakes to school or anything. *sniff*

    Happy birthday, anyway! 🙂

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