Rain, Rain, Go Away!

There has been some serious rainfall here. While other parts of the world are experiencing extreme heat, I pulled on a hoody and warm socks to stay inside. There was a time I would have bare feet from April to October. Not this year. The snow was over my head in winter, and I get wetter walking outside than I do swimming in the summer. I can list a million reasons why this summer bites. However, that isn’t helping my quest to show more gratitude and be more thankful. So the up side is?

      1. Dragonflies are HUGE!
      2. Grass is very green!
      3. The berries are extra juicy!
      4. The air smells fresh!
      5. The clover is gorgeous!
      6. There is lots of water in the river, creeks, bogs, sloes and ponds!
      7. (This is getting REALLY HARD!) Falling asleep to the sound of rain on the roof is soothing!
      8. Saving money on not watering the lawn!
      9. You can play “Pooh Sticks” in the street!
      10. I didn’t have to set up my pool this year (or last year)
      11. You can always find a picnic table for Friday night family picnics
      12. There are NO crowds at Capital X (the fair grounds)
      13. Alex Tagliani got to rest today – The Indy was a rain out
      14. The rain barrel is full.

The rainbows and evening skies have been beautiful and there have been cold weather funnel warnings. As hard as I try to be grateful, would a little more sun hurt? Please?


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