Canada’s West Coast Trail

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I had a chat today with people who hiked the West Coast Trail. That is something I always wanted to do. In Canada’s National Parks, there is often an evening “show” brought to you by the Park Ranger. One year, I think it was when I was camping at Tofino on Vancouver Island, the presentation was on the West Coast Trail. It was stunning. I was in no physical shape to do it then. Am I now? Hmmmm

The information guide to the WCT is here. It says the hike is only for Intermediate to Advanced hikers. Well, that is not me. BUT! I did do some river guiding, leading groups in a canoe. I have extensive camping experience, and even know how to keep food from bears (which there is a LOT of on the trail). I am an expert at camp food cooking. I know all about keeping stuff dry ESPECIALLY your sleeping bag. All this knowledge is still in my head. As for the fitness part…

The trail is 77km along the Pacific Rim. The farthest west you can get in Canada with out going to Japan. It takes about 6-8 days to complete the trail. That is an average of 10k per day AND carrying a back pack. Walking 10k around town or in Edmonton’s river valley is a piece of cake for me now, so distance is not a problem. Carrying a pack is, but that is easily taken care of by training. Chances are it will be pouring rain most of the time. I prefer that to heat. If I keep up my training I would be able to easily hike 10-12k per day for a week. I am walking 44k this week alone. That is at a faster pace than I would hiking. 5k in the morning, 5k in the afternoon is totally doable for me. That isn’t even including all the swimming I am doing I swim about 4 hours a week with a distance of 8-10k. Endurance wise, I think I can do it. Weight wise, I want to be lighter, a LOT lighter. At the very least I would be 52lbs lighter (assuming I am losing 1 lb a week over the next year). It gives me lots to think about.

They only allow so many hikers a year on the trail. If it didn’t work out next year then I could EASILY do it the following year. 46 years old and Hiking the West Coast Trail. That would be cool.

I think I found my next long term goal. Now I need to make a list of all the little goals I need to get me there.

6 thoughts on “Canada’s West Coast Trail

  1. Many ladders that are wobbly and scary. Many of the people I know who have done it said it rained the whole time. But, everyone said it was a great challenge.

    To me, camping is when the Hotel does not have 24 hour room service.



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