#7 is My Favorite Colour

Colouring pencils
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Do you have a favorite colour? I didn’t think I did, but looking around me today I know I do.

Colour has always been a source of inspiration and joy for me. Bright, clear and vibrant colours always fill me with energy. Last summer I complained about how I dressed. I think the exact words were “I don’t want to be a cartoon character anymore”. There is the first of my Edmonton Tourist goals to be achieved! I am much more colour controlled. It helps enhance the self esteem aspect to my being. Great shoes do the same thing. I do indulge my spirit in creative colour when it comes to workout wear.

I figure I need all the help I can get to feel motivated and inspired to work out. So I enlist the hues that lift my spirits. I am drawn to a particular colour. I never realized that until today. I see this colour in every corner of my life. It calms me when I wrap myself in it. It inspires me when I lay on it. It lifts me up when I wear it. It quenches my thirst when I drink from it. Because YES, my water bottle is that very colour. Some of you may already have guessed what colour it is, but I am honestly surprised! I figured I loved Red the most. Not true! I thought Yellow might be a close second, NOT true!

I noticed today that my room has splashes of this colour. My yoga mat is this colour. My favorite yoga tee is this colour. My water bottle is wrapped in this colour and even my hat I wear for the 1/2 marathon workouts is this colour! It was always my favorite Laurentian Pencil Crayon. My eyes are often the same colour – how cool is it that my eyes change colour to what I am wearing? They will change from grey to green but when I wear THIS colour, everyone always tells me how great I look. That colour clearly influences my feelings. Because to LOOK great, you must FEEL great.

Secretly I always wanted a vintage T-Bird to be that same colour. I always say I want red…but not really. I love the look of turquoise jewelry and love it when the sky is that colour. When my toe nails match the pool water or the ocean blue, that gives me a little thrill. I have a book mark with turquoise beads and look at it longer than I read for.

My bedroom is the Benjamin Moore Cloud White and Colour blocks of Robins Egg Blue. it looks like a Tiffany box. The classic Tiffany blue and white. The window where I love to sit in the sun is painted in the same blue, so is my bathroom. My “Fancy” Christmas tree is Tiffany Blue and white. I wish I had enough Tiffany boxes to decorate my tree with then add white feather boas! One day….

Meanwhile, I am finally going to embrace the fact my favorite colour is #7 Peacock Blue from my Laurentian Crayon Box. It reminds me of being 7, and colouring dresses that colour. It reminds me of trips to Jasper with the old totem pole that stood in the centre. It reminds me of being 17 and swimming at the outdoor Millcreek Pool with my friends. It reminds me of the ticket huts at Disneyland years past. It reminds me of a winter prairie day when the sky the exact shade. It reminds me of watching Marjorie Glacier tumble into the ocean. It reminds me of my children’s eyes when they sparkled with laughter as preschoolers.

Yes I do have a favorite colour. Do you?

4 thoughts on “#7 is My Favorite Colour

  1. #7 Peacock Blue is my favorite colour, too!!

    …okay, not really. But I did once own a teal Saturn, which is kinda close…

    I don’t know if I have a fave. I’m a big fan of orange, though.

      1. Actually, this was when the Saturn SC sports coupe first came out in ’93. It was sporty looking with pop-up headlights and I used to get a lot of comments about it back then, surprisingly!

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