How Embarrassing

It finally happened. I swam out of my bathing trunks.

How did THAT happen you might ask? Well…I was passing a guy in the lane, I picked up speed so I wouldn’t crash with on coming traffic. My feet became tangled as my shorts slipped down my legs. The guy behind me had his binoculars swim goggles on and was able to catch the entire show.


My life is filled with equally embarrassing moments.

When ChatterBox was 2, I fell off the back step and torn ligaments in my ankle. Trying to move around and look after a VERY active (can you say AHDH?) toddler and her equally active 4 year old brother was exhausting when I was healthy. Being on my crutches and having frozen peas strapped to my ankle made moving difficult. The boy was very helpful and would assist me with all kinds of things, including catching his sister on occasion.

One day, for no apparent reason, Chatterbox felt like running away. She opened the door and away she went! It was around 8 in the morning, before we ate breakfast and BEFORE we were dressed for the day. We were all still in our jammies. I was grabbing my crutches and was ready to make a break for it. I called to Genetic Offspring and pleaded with him to go grab her. We watched in horror as Chatterbox ran down the middle of the road. I kept pleading with the boy to go get her. He was hysterical because I was begging him to go on the road. He kept saying “BUT THE ROAD! BUT THE ROAD!” I assured him it was okay because he needed to grab his sister. Out he ran after her, calling her name. I ran after them in hot pursuit, not really but I was hobbling the best I could. I watched as she looked over her shoulder and squealed because this new chase game was tons of fun! Down the street and around the corner she went, there went the boy yelling “Come Back ChatterBox, Come Back!”

I eventually made it to the end of the block when I turned the corner and saw the boy tackle the girl. I could hear my words echo out of his mouth “This is NOT OKAY Chatterbox!” They both stood up and he held her hand and began to walk back to the house. Chatterbox glanced over her shoulder and I swear I saw a twinkle in her eye as she laughed and broke free from her brother’s grasp. She ran away from him looking over her shoulder at her brother. So she didn’t see me blocking her path. I was able to scoop her up.

ChatterBox squealed again because she was caught and thought this was the best game ever. I started to walk back to the house with her in my arms. Chatterbox wiggled and squirmed until I nearly dropped her. I bent over to pick her up, when a car drove by at a very slow speed. It was at that moment I realized I was just wearing a short nightie wearing nothing underneath but a smile…

Can you beat my most embarrassing moment? Do I win? yay….


6 thoughts on “How Embarrassing

  1. I’ve written about embarrassing moments of my own…but at least I never wound up with my swimming trunks around my ankles! Which means – YOU WIN! Congratulations. (Did anybody capture this on video, by chance?).

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