Because Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Got the Cindy Lauper song in your head now? Surprisingly that was the only tune we didn’t listen too on our chick trip to Calgary. Cast of Characters included :

  1. The Edmonton Tourist – Navigator and planner extraordinaire
  2. Polly Pocket – Pilot and Shopping Empress of the Universe
  3. ChatterBox – Master of the second wind (after the meds wore off) and water slide fiend
  4. Crash – Self contained tornado and lover of all things PINK!

We headed out for out shopping destination bright and early Saturday morning. The Plan was to get to the Crossirons shopping mall and spend ALL FREAKING DAY THERE! Then head over to the hotel and play on the waterslides.

Typically it takes about 3 1/2 hours to drive from Edmonton to Calgary unless you are driving in a car filled with ADHDers. I was not without a diagnoses so I fit in too. Crash diagnosed me with OCD, thank goodness because I was feeling left out! A word of caution to all of you who have never been in close quarters with so many ADHDers – expect to never rest and expect to hear CONSTANT talking. When I say constant, I mean every stinking second. When we hit Red Deer for the obligatory rest room and snack break, I was sure we had only been in the car 20 minutes. Polly doesn’t let grass grow under the wheels, that’s for sure! As quick as we got to Red Deer, it seemed just as quick getting to Calgary, 2 1/2 hours from Edmonton –  for the record.

There is was laid out before us. The stuff legends are made of. Crossiron Mills Shopping Centre spread out in all it’s mythical glory, ready to be conquered by the fab 4.

We entered the super sized building and immediately split up. Girls heading left, mom’s heading right. The mom’s were heading for the Coach Factory Store. We had heard mythical tales that we didn’t not believe possible. We were about to be convinced. I don’t believe in the old adage “seeing is believing” but in this case I need to be convinced. Once we caught a glimpse of the store front, I think we squealed. There was a guy out front who mocked us by clapping his hands a saying OMG it’s COACH! That made me laugh, I am sure he saw that a million times a day.

When we walked in, we were handed a 30% off everything in the store coupon. That included clearance AND sales. We scoured every nook and cranny before we found the bags that called to us. Mine were “deals of the day” and located on the $99 table. Apparently they feature different bags every day for $99 and they go fast. I grabbed 2.With the 30% off it was $69 EACH! I KNOW! Reg. $248!!!!!  I nearly fainted.

Do you remember Wilma and Betty from the Flintstone’s when they went shopping? They would yell Chaaaaarge IT! Then get all caught up in the feeding frenzy. That was me. I was willing fight off all those other women for my bags.

I’m sure an hour or more past before we were ready to get in the huge queue for the till.

The day went on in a blur. We found FCUK, Guess, Urban Planet, Fossil, Brooks Bros., Lush as well as old favorites like H&M, Winners, and Michael Kors. Before we left, we headed to the Bass Shop – or whatever it was called. None of us are much for fishing but we were told this store was a sight to be hold. This place was amazing! It was filled with life trout and taxidermy. If you are into that sort of thing, you seriously need to go!

After a long day of shopping the car looked like this:

The next day was filled with my beloved Tiffany’s and by day 2 of shopping the car looked like this:

I learned lots about traveling with ADHDer’s

  1. They will kiss moose
  2. They walk FAST
  3. They talk A LOT
  4. They laugh A LOT
  5. They are a great choice to go away with 🙂

Thanks Girls for the Great Trip!!!

Oh Calgary, I bow to your shopping prowess. But it is still ON when it comes to hockey…just saying.


9 thoughts on “Because Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

  1. I just love that mall. Told Craig I am itching to go back. Was there in May and having Coach withdrawal symptons. But next time I’m heading to Tiffany’s as well. Loved the blog and the pictures. The Bass store is something else!

  2. We have Bass Pro shops here too, and yes the aquarium and stuffed beasties are entertaining to the kids (for the first 10 minutes) while Hubby shops.
    My step-mom nearly faints from all the shopping possibilities in close range to my house, there are two outlet malls, several regular malls, and ritzy “Domain” which includes one of her must-shop-stops: Macy’s. I haven’t even shown her the consignment shops yet. When the Loonie is high against the dollar, she spends like there’s no tomorrow.

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