Happy Solstice

Today is the Summer Solstice. I know it is quite significant to some people for various reasons. For me, it is the reason I love to live and play in Edmonton. This picture was taken from my deck at 9:44 PM. We will have a total of 17 hours of sunshine today – not counting that brief thunderstorm. Sunset in the Northwest sky is at 10:07 PM. The light will linger long after midnight with the sky in the north not ever getting black but staying a very dark blue. To me there is nothing finer than long lazy evenings on my deck or at a family picnic. Lots of great things happened to me today. Solstice is one of them.

11 thoughts on “Happy Solstice

  1. I’m with you. I was outside last night at 11:00 to view the sky. I couldn’t get over how it wasn’t even dark outside it felt like 8:00 not 11:00. It was nice to be outside staring at the sky. What a beautiful blue it was.

  2. I do miss the almost-midnite-sun of Edmonton, I used to live an hour further north growing up on the farm. Spectacular Northern Lights.
    Happy Summer

  3. Oh man, I hate all the light this time of year! It’s weird when you never see the night sky for two straight months. Unless you’re out partying it up, of course.

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