Reno Time!

My sister came over to drink Bacardi fruit juice today. We sat on my deck and talked, caught up in each other’s lives while I was suppose to be doing homework. She I invited her family over for dinner. An impromptu affair of hotdogs cooked over the fire and a salad with, of course, more bacardi fruit juice. It really was fabulous. We laughed and talked, and watched the neighbor put an addition onto his deck.

You really need to see this deck. It scares me. This guy’s deck if one story off the ground. About 10 feet high. He crippled or laminated ( I do not know the terminology) the beam to the old one, with a few nails. He has added 2-3 feet of extra deck without supports. I’m am worried I will come home one day to carnage in his back yard. Him and his wife laying on the ground below with little “x’s” over their eyes, and a ring of birds flying in a circle over their heads. When I say birds I mean vultures. Nothing good can come from a guy whose saw spews out blew smoke because the blade is too dull and makes up the plans as he goes along. I am guessing he doesn’t have a permit.

Apparently you don’t need a building permit to build stuff. Take THAT Mike Holmes, shows what YOU know!

I know this because on my many, many walks around the city I see the results of non-planning popping up all over the place! You all know how I feel about having a PLAN. It is just good sense to plan and be prepared. That is what good goal setting is all about!

Let me share a few examples of people saying to their spouse “Honey, I think we should build a….” Knowing they should HIRE someone, but watch enough HGTV to know they can do it themselves. Afterall, how hard can it be? Anyway…. I was walking past a home, and noticed four walls going up on a deck that is built high off the ground. A balcony of sorts. The guy is building an In-Law suit with a DECK as the foundation. I don’t know about you, but I am pretty sure they didn’t have a permit for that. How do I know? I am blessed with the gift of COMMON SENSE. I live in EDMONTON. Edmonton has summer 3 months a year. My summer is Bokkie’s winter, so she would disagree profusely with my definition of summer. Being that it is winter the REST of the year, building a room on stilts is going to be cold. He needs to super duper insulate that sucker. -40 is FREAKING COLD in January. This isn’t Aftrica or the Middle East or even the USA. This is CANADA. You say CANADA and you instantly think Great White North, Touques, beavers, moose, igloos and Beer. Maybe that is the problem, too much planning and building happen while sitting around a Newfie Kitchen Party drinking screetch. No good can every come from that!

So, of course, my sister and I were drinking Bacardi fruit juice and started planning like good Canadians do…

We decided I need an in-law suit on my deck. We could staple a pool or hot tub to the side of the deck to free up floor space. It could be lovely! Throw down a few ikea rugs for warmth, tack up some walls and viola! A perfect extra home for my Mom if she wants to live with us! It would be perfect for her because A> she doesn’t use heat in the winter now, so she won’t miss it and B> I want to come home to my mom’s dinners again. Win/Win!

Then we talked about my garden shed. I refer to it as the Cabana. It is located beside my wading pool. The one I love to float in and read all summer in the olden days before homework. My Garden Shed would be perfect for my Dad! Put up a hammock add a few vending machines, maybe a tred- mill, and my dad would be perfectly happy. It has electricity so he could play Mah jong on his computer. It isn’t insulated, but that shouldn’t matter, he is use to mom not allowing heat in their home.

See how Canadians come up with brilliant plans? Who needs permits? Not us! Now you know why we value our publicly funded health care system.


9 thoughts on “Reno Time!

  1. That deck looks hectically unsafe….. I would be scared.
    All your planning leaves plenty space for me to visit my friend. I just don’t know whether I could even come in summer. I would arrive with no clothes, they would probably not do.

  2. Great deck, cheap thrills having a deck party on a deck made of what, cheese, Spork, woodete, yes schmucks come in all flavors.

    Now, do you mean Reno NV the Greatest Little City on Earth or Reno AB, where I shot a guy just to watch him die.

    A man in black.

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