No I Am NOT Over Reacting!

Did you ever watch any Charlie Brown episodes where Lucy was kissed by Snoopy? If you had, then you remember her unreasonable reaction. She ran screaming from Snoopy declaring she was poisoned, dying, in need of a Doctor and most definitely some antiseptic. Everyone laughs because it is ridiculous that she would die from being kissed by a dog. I must admit that i laughed. Now I regret it. Please forgive me Lucy. I am now going to die.

Today was my long walk day in preperation for the Edmonton Intact Marathon in August. My goal is to walk the half marathon and then celebrate my birthday afterwards with all the people who supported me and cheered me on. Alas…that is not to be. I shall be dead by then. Why you ask? BECAUSE I SWALLOWED A MOSQUITO!!!!

I know you are laughing, I can hear from my kitchen. I wouldn’t laugh if it happened to you – well, ok I would because it would be funny if it happened to YOU. But it happened to ME. Not nearly as comical.

I was walking my last kilometer of 9 in Edmonton’s beautiful river valley. I was mouth breathing because it is hard work! A swarm of mosquitos crept up on me and took be by surprise. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by those micro blood sucking beasts. In my haste to amscray, I inhaled a sharp breath of fresh air in an effort to fuel my tired limbs with life nurturing oxygen to help my legs rescue me. Suddenly, one of those little critters thought she would fly into my mouth bringing with her the element of surprise. I was surprised alright. Coughing and sputtering in an effort to expel her from my body. All efforts were rendered useless. I was the victim of a kamakazy mosquito attack. My next thought was, GROSS! Then a flood of thoughts entered my head like, what if I get malaria? or West Nile? or What if she was filled with someone elses blood before she attacked me? OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I AM DYING!!!

What really annoy’s me is  will be dead before all my goals are reached. Well isn’t that just craptastic.

Or, it was just a bug and  I have extra protein flowing through me to increase my energy and help me achieve my goals. Either way, it was disgusting and I don’t recommend it. Sorry I laughed Lucy, no you didn’t over react.

6 thoughts on “No I Am NOT Over Reacting!

  1. It’s bad enough getting bitten by those suckers. I can’t imagine swallowing one – how terrible!

    Then again, it made for a pretty good blog post. Let’s just say you suffered for your art. 🙂

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