Edmonton Tourist? Present!

I spent my long weekend being present, in the moment and it was wonderful. That may sound odd to you, but of late, it has become difficult for me to live in the present.

My weekly yoga practice has my yogi telling me, be present. There is nowhere else you need to be, this is a gift to yourself. Be in the moment.

My entire life I have been a daydreamer. I have always been comfortable alone and still with my thoughts because I have an amazing ability to slip into another life, another world or another moment in time. Long travel trips have never bothered me because I have a rich imagination that can carry me away.

When I was 6, my family packed up and moved the Yellowknife, North West Territories in Canada’s Arctic. In fact, I changed schools 4 times before I entered grade 3. I relied on my active imagination to keep me from feeling lonely. Making new friends was hard for me. It is a skill I am very good at now, yet I would still rather be alone with my thoughts than be with more than a handful of people in my life. My grade one teacher often pulled me out into the hallway to tell me I need to stop DAYDREAMING. She would say, “Edmonton Tourist, I know you miss your family in Edmonton, but you need to pay attention at school!” For the record Mrs. Long Grade One Teacher, I had my family with me. When you are 6, your family is your parents and your brother. Sure everyone else was awesome, but at 6, my whole world was in Yellowknife. The reason I was a DAYDREAMER, was school bit. It was BORING. It moved too slow for me, so I would enter the world of imagination in my head and off I would go until the bell rang.

As a child I would act out these fairy tales that lived in my head. As I became older, I would keep these stories in my head and relive them in the car, in the bathtub, laying on my bed or just before I needed to sleep. I was Apollo and Athena’s sister in Battlestar Galatica (secretly dating Starbuck!) or I was on the run in Logan’s Run, or just simply, I was Sleeping Beauty dancing the day away with Prince Phillip. It was all good.

Even now as an adult, I can easily recreate a life I want filled with a cast of characters I have never met. It helps pass the time on long plane rides or car trips. It is part of the reason I enjoy solitude. I know this is normal for some people and completely bonkers for others. Over the past 5 years I find myself drifting more and more into my imagination. I have just recently learned the reason for this. Clearly I have not been satisfied with my life and the way it has been going. I have obviously needed change. The Edmonton Tourist Journey has begun that process for me. It is forcing me to be present and accounted for. I am not letting my life drift by unnoticed anymore. I am reaching for what I want, telling the Universe I need it and in some cases, the Universe gives it to me. It has truly become an amazing journey. Every week something exciting and unexpected happens to me. I received a couple of incredible emails today. Both of the from different people and both COMPLETELY unexpected! I had I not been present, I would have missed out on both of these. That makes me think, WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING?!?

Being present is important to my journey. I want to experience everything along the way. I can’t get caught up in boredom, because I can easily slip into my imagination to help me get past it. That is not to say I shouldn’t look towards the future, on the contrary. I need to set goals and plan for it so I can work on them in the PRESENT. Being present is the MOST CHALLENGING GOAL TO DATE!That’s not to say I am giving up my imagination. No WAY!! It is in my imagination and thoughts that my dreams are turned into reality. It gives my goals purpose, something for me to aim for.

So Edmonton Tourist, Live your best life and BE present for it!

5 thoughts on “Edmonton Tourist? Present!

  1. I must admit that being mindful is very difficult-especially when you have two little people trying to talk at the same time and two kittens trying to get into whatever you left on the counter.
    From one daydreamer to another, keep your head just below the clouds, but near enough to catch that foggy feeling now and again. It’s therapeutic.

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