So This Is It…Good Bye

Well it’s been nice knowing you! The world is about to end and yet here I sit blogging. Genetic offspring is pacing the house waiting to use his “Red Alert” app on his iPod Touch.

I spent my last day on Earth talking to the people who mean most to me, both here in Edmonton and else where in the world. I kept up with tradition and went on one of our famous Friday Night Family Picnics! We sat in the traditional way my Cree Sister-in-law loves to call “a White Man Pow Wow”. What is that you ask? a circle of lawn chairs around a smoking fire. Sans the smoking fire because of the total fire ban right now in Alberta. This concerns me because when the fire balls start falling from heaven, Alberta will go up like a match! Clearly I shall die by fire ball. I’m cool with that. I like to make dramatic exits.

During “the White Man Pow Wow”, we discussed the end of the world. My mom said, won’t WE be sorry when it happens and we will all be sitting here thinking “huh…who knew?” On the way home my children we concerned about all the potential looting that may occur. Then Genetic Offspring said, “if my stuff has been looted I will be REALLY TICKED!” So being the fair mom I am, I told him if he was looted, he could loot too. This caused a stir of excitement. Most kids would go to the Best Buy and get games or TVs, not my kid. No HE wants to go to the local school and walk out with a Smart Board and a Tesla Coil.

So this End of the World business had me thinking. If I had one last day to spend, what should I be doing? There are so many things I have not done yet because I wasted so much time not knowing what I should be doing!! Now that I know what I want and am working on achieving those goals, it would really TICK me off to not have finished them! With that said, I do have a list of things I want to do that are not a part of my big picture. Maybe they should be. These things would fulfill me just as much as getting my Degree and MBA, or walking a half marathon.

This is my plan, I will make a list of 5 things that I would want to do on my last day on Earth. I will throw them into a hat, and on the last day I will pick one.

  1. Go to Disneyland on my Birthday with my best friend.
  2. Go to New York and Buy a Tiffany Key. It’s the last day so I can afford to charge it to my visa.
  3. Sit on a bench in Central Park and watch the world go by.
  4. Stand in the middle of Stone Henge.
  5. Watch the sun set in Santorini.

Maybe I shouldn’t wait for the end of the world to do this. Seize the moment. I think I need to get started on these quests.

Meanwhile, I on Twitter today and saw what Jann Arden was tweeting. She tweeted this today, “I would like to know if heaven has a “fast pass” like Disneyland? Cause it’s gonna be nuts tomorrow to get in.”

Good Bye World! Or at the very least Good Night, I’ll see you in the morning.

11 thoughts on “So This Is It…Good Bye

  1. I prefer a dramatic entrance to a dramatic exit, so the fact that it’s cloudy with a little light rain outside right now – instead of fire and brimstone – is a bit of a relief.

  2. Ed- would you have enough time to get to any of those places and still enjoy it? And how will you be able to plan aroudn your birthday. I think you should rather pick one out of a hat this week, and commit to doing it by this time next month?

    1. Sure I would! Isn’t the next last day of the world in October? I get get them done 😉
      I am working on my birthday trip. Several pieces need to fall into place, but it’s looking good!!

  3. i hate to break it to you, but stonehenge is roped off. you can only stand on the perimeter. so change your goal to running naked through it like a mad streaker!!! i’ll go with you to film it!

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