The Possiblity is Inifinite

I was fortunate to attend University Classes over two full days this week. Typically, school for me is done at night, on line and weekends. By taking this particular course over two days saves me a ton of time this summer and affords me time to take another course leading me to the end of my 3rd year that much quicker. I still have 3 major papers due but I do not have weekly assignments. I did those in group projects over the 2 days. All I can say is…I wish I could go to school full time.

It takes me down the road of what if so easily. WHY WHY WHY did I not do this sooner? WHY WHY WHY did I use self doubt? I cannot answer that.  So I will put it behind me and look forward.

I learned something this week in school.

Give people a possibility to live up to not an exception.

I think you need to read it again, so I will wait a few minutes while you let it resonate within you. Doesn’t that just fill you with hope and promise? I find it just so inspiring! It generated a lot of amazing conversation with the most amazingly smart women I have ever met. I could have discussed topics with them endlessly. I felt THE SAME, included, apart of the team and brilliant all at the same time.  That was an amazing feeling for me. I learned the difference between leading and coaching. Coaching people brings out the best possible them. I wanted more.

I had a lovely conversation over lunch with the program chair and the prof. Both really encouraged me to seek out my MBA after this is done. That becomes a super duper long term goal, but one I am looking forward too because this learning business is feeding something that has been dormant for a long time.

I want more. I touched the brass ring briefly and I am going for it.

7 thoughts on “The Possiblity is Inifinite

  1. Horray! What a great feeling to finally do something you know would have helped a long time ago. No beating yourself up over past things – there’s only NOW and it’s possibilities. Good for you!!!! Keep going. XOXO

  2. In college, I was getting antsy to graduate, so I took a summer course. The History of WW II – it was three weeks long. Talk about sensory overload! It’s hard to cram such a weighty topic into so short a time, but they did it, and I passed with flying colors. Totally worth it.

  3. You sound like Nomad! Isn’t amazing how appreciative we are of school when we are not “forced” to go? Go for the MBA if you can! It will only open your knowledge thirsty mind to a new world of information.

  4. There is a time for everything. You changed your path and this is now the time for you to learn again. I agree with bandit: school is so much better when you want to go!

  5. Successful people have discovered their niche. successful help their people discover theirs…. (john c maxwell)
    Your chat about coaching reminded me of this.

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