Happy Birthday Granny!

Happy Birthday Gran!

I came downstairs for breakfast this morning and the noise and bustle of my home was a bit much for me. I am the sort of gal who loves peace and solitude. I think I am alone in this, well as far as my personal home is concerned. Growing up I knew I needed it too. Those were the days I would pick fights and arguments with my family and declare I was running away…to Granny’s.

I knew even as a child I needed a quiet place to calm my mind. I escaped a lot to the sanctity of my room. When it became too much, off to Gran’s I would run/ride my bike too/take the bus/beg mom for a ride.

I would phone up my Grandma and say “Granny, can I sleep over…PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE” I would ALWAYS get the the answer of “OH ALRIGHT…but I’m NOT changing the sheets!” Hahaha that was fine with me, I was the last one who slept in that bed anyways!

Away i would go, just in time for the Carol Burnette Show. my Aunt and I would lay on the floor in front of the huge TV encased in wood, eating Old Dutch Chips out of the Green Bowl (fyi- I WANT that bowl). I remember the Dentist Skit, I’m ready for my close up skit, and every single Kraft Foods commercial. Then it was bed time. I loved the way the sheets smelled of crisp linen. The room was in total darkness and the house was silent except for the bear cave sound of snoring that came from my Grandpa’s room. I loved sleeping over at Granny’s.

In the morning I would awake to the smell of Grandpa’s coffee. He claimed it was a secret  blend of bear grease, turpentine and coffee – just the way he learned to make it in the Airforce. When I was older, I tried and I was a believer. Nothing that vile could be anything BUT bear grease and turpentine. After a breakfast of porridge – GACK, off we would go tot the shops downtown with my mom and her little sister. I loved Saturdays at Edmonton Centre. Chips and gravy with hard jello cubes for lunch, Orange Julius for a mid afternoon snack and clothes shopping until dinner = heaven.

Happy Birthday Dear Granny! I hope it is a good one!! I am running away to Granny’s if anyone needs to find me. See you soon Gran!

Love your FAVORITE grandchild,


12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Granny!

  1. What a fantastic post. It brought tears to my eyes. Those were great days I wish I was little again watching Carol Burnett and eating chips with you and Mom and Dad. Thanks for reminding me how dad would say his coffeee was made. I was drinking my latte and almost spit it out all over the screen from laughter.Love the photo’s. Your Grandma (My Mom) is going to love this blog.
    Great job thanks for the walk down memory lane
    Auntie T

  2. I must confess….I was a grandma’s child too! I would always go over there on weekends, play cards till three and eat Taco Bell…then it was always the Saturday morning cartoons AND PANCAKES! I do miss those days! Grandma’s and grand daughters have a very special bond…what an honorable post! xoxo

  3. My grandmothers both lived thousands of miles away from wherever I was at the moment, so I never got to experience the same memories as you. Or the same bear grease and turpentine coffee, either.

  4. That’s a great memory! Sleeping over my gandmother’s house, the shows were Love Boat and Fantasy Island. We watched them teetering and snuggling at the bottom edge of her bed – all four kids, my mom, and my grandmother. Thanks for sharing your memory – it was a wonderful way for me to remember mine too! Maybe I have a post percolating about that…. Hmmmmm. Gotta love storytellers! And you’re one of my favs ET!

    1. Aw Thank you AGS! I love stories. I dear friend of mine tells the best stories, I wish they would write about them too. If I know you…and I’m quickly learning…There should be a Grandma post by you soon around midnight lol.

  5. My granparents were also very special people in my life. Both gone now, and hopefully preparing the party for when we will all be together again.
    Your post actually gave sparked more memories of my princess with my gran, her great gran. She was a little older then when i was small…… and had a lot more time. And so much more patience.

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