Happy Easter all! I was inspired to write this post because of a new blogging friend. You can read her inspirational happy post here. In my quest to be happy, she makes a lot of great points, but this one in particular really struck me:

I looked for ways to celebrate and lighten up life.

I try to do that, but lately things really seem to bog me down. This weekend, paying homage to spring and re-birth, I decided to really and truly put my day to day struggles on the shelf for later and just focus on HAPPY.

My cousin was in town for the weekend to visit with Mrs. Stadler. She had sent a email earlier in the week saying she would be here and it would be great if we could catch up. First of all, I was touched that she wanted to get together! The women of my family were planning a girls only dinner. That would include 4 generations of awesome. That was taken care of. I thought it would be great to go shopping. Here in Alberta, there is no sales tax, so things are cheaper for my cousin, who enjoys shopping as much as the next gal! The shopping expedition was cousins only. My daughter and her cousin came, as well as my sister and cousin. We had a great time trying on designer shoes and sunglasses, buying clothes and just laughing. HAPPY was a huge part of yesterday. I miss Happy, but was thrilled to feel that way again!

In our quest for HAPPY, we stumbled upon the most unusual roses. HAPPY definitely described them.

HAPPY took a melancholy  turn. My offspring are now teens who sleep in. This was the first Easter where whispering didn’t happen in my ear to wake me up. There was no “Mooooommmmmmy, the Easter Bunny came..” Just soft snores from closed bedroom doors. Waiting for them as they stumbled down for breakfast was chocolate and jelly beans sitting at their spot on the counter. Included in that bundle was some lovely Bunnies from Belgium, a gift from their Grandparents who just returned from Europe…again.

I am HAPPY for my parents, being able to travel with such regularity. But deep down, that envious jealous monster rears her ugly head. I wanted to go too! My father teases me about how often I travel to Disney destinations. He says stuff like “there are other places in the world to see, you know” …Oh Really? Isn’t that a little bit of the pot calling the kettle black? How many times in the 7 months did YOU go to Belgium? Ask me how many times I have been to Disneyland in the past 7 months.  He has been twice as many times as me…just saying.

This time last year, I had no idea what the rest of my year would look like. I had no plans, no real goals, and no real direction in my life. A year later, I went to Europe, started University, decided on a career goal, training for a half marathon, changed my eating habits, engaged in social activities that I would typically say no to,  and met some incredibly amazing people along the way. Looking back, I can see I have made a real difference in my life and I know I have made a difference in other people’s lives too. I often get emails and lovely private notes about being the inspiration to certain things. That makes me HAPPY too.

I am looking forward to HAPPY being part of my daily life. I am excited to see all the new things this year will bring.

So HAPPY Easter to my 53 awesome subscribers and the 200+ people who read my blog every day. You have become my cheering section and make moving forward much easier and way more enjoyable. Let me share some Belgium Chocolate Bunnies with you. I’m not eating them either, but we can look together and be HAPPY.


5 thoughts on “HAPPY

  1. Biting their ears off would make me feel HAPPY. I have to say, those are the coolest roses I’ve ever seen. I was trying to figure out what type of Photoshop tool you used to turn them multicolored…they can’t be real! Can they?

  2. I think you are the closest to Happy that I have ever seen. Well done bokkie! On a different note, for all your readers…. you have so clearly shown what “balance” can do. That’s what you have done…. you have found some balance.

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