Bring it

Nine months ago, just seems like yesterday, was my 43rd birthday. That was the day I decided to change my life, take chances and be the girl I always wanted to be. I realized I have some excellent qualities that have been stuffed in my sock drawer for a while. I cleaned out my sock drawer, threw ought the ones with holes and all those mismatched  ugly socks. I invested in new socks. I particularly like my black socks with sheep on them…but I digress. I am not hear to talk about real socks but my metaphoric socks. A few days ago I talked about all my new goals to take me into my first anniversary of being the Edmonton Tourist. I had set a goal of a half marathon for 2012. Well, things changed a bit.

I was a birthday party this afternoon and was chatting with a very dear friend of mine. She teaches a learn to walk half marathon course at the Running Room. I got all caught up in the excitement and suddenly, I am starting her class May 2, 2011….Not 2012 as first thought. I am incredibly excited! The gal who helped me find my Mo said she is in too! I want a medal for all my hard work so far, and this is how I am going to get one. Edmonton Derby Half Marathon here I come.

My Mo partner asked me if I was going to drop out after a few…NO WAY! If there is one thing about me that I know, I am super competitive with myself. If I tell myself I am doing it, then I will. Now if she drops out on me, I will still go because I am just doing it – plain and simple.  Doubting Debbie (not his real name) mentioned to me that half marathons are hard and not sure if I could do it based on my past. If I had a mouth full of bullets at that moment he would have been sporting one in the eye. That attitude made me angry. I don’t need THAT kind of support, thank you very much. Suddenly I saw a little bit of the OLD ME resurface. The old me who likes to win and kick some ass at the same time. The old me who laughs in people’s faces when they tell me I am not capable. The old me who was freaking awesome.

The old freaking awesome me and the new fabulous me met today for the first time. They kicked out sad pathetic me and told her to take a hike. Sad pathetic me can watch from the sidelines when I cross the finish line and get my new hardware. I will wear it like the Tiffany Key, I think it will look smashing with my new boots.

August 21st, bring it.

13 thoughts on “Bring it

  1. I think that is awesome!!! But the ‘almost-doctor’ in me is a little worried about all these personalities you seem to harbor… Oh what the hell – if it helps to get you where you want to be, so be it!! Keep on rocking Robyn! <—- oooh, I made a little funny there.

  2. I love this post, because unlike a lot of people, you have set out to discover the real “you” without tearing apart your marriage or career in order to do so. Good job!

  3. you are so like your dad. if you say you will do it, you will, and we will be at the finish line to cheer you over

  4. 1/2 marathon eh? So that’s um…….13 miles………ummm, count *gulp* me in?? Uh-oh, what did I just put down in print for all to see?**more gulping**

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