Got to Love a Long Weekend!

The past few weeks for me have I have been in a funk. You could probably tell by the lack of posts. Who wants to post stuff that sad? Not me. I want to try to keep a positive outlook. So that’s the reason for less than stellar blogs. All bloggers go through this, not much going on in their heads or stuff that just isn’t post worthy. For reasons known only unto me and a few close family members and friends, the tide has turned so to speak and the blue sky is shining through into my life for a moment. This is good news, heck… this is GREAT NEWS!

This past weekend was a long one for us Albertans. It was Family Day Weekend. A holiday created out of the need to give us a much needed break in the throes of the hideous winter. I need that break so stinking bad it wasn’t funny! I have a friend who challenged me to nurture myself. I did it. I spoiled myself rotten. You know something else? I plan to do it more often! I took myself to the AGA. I went to the Tiffany & Co. Counter at Holt Renfrews! I tried on a pair of Louis Vuitton Shoes…. Let’s just say I am developing a taste for fabulous.

I spent some serious time looking at Kate Spade bags. I found a Coach Bag I have to have. The worst of it is, I saw it on the should of a gal I work with. I don’t care if it is the same bag I want. I hardly see her at work. I want it. The good news is, I have a plan.

I started Face Painting again. My booking agent (aka Santa) was very generous and slotted me into two slots right away. This will make a big difference for me. I am able to save and spend money without feeling guilty about family needs. I want to clarify something first. My Honey doesn’t hold the purse strings, it is just, like most families, finances are tight. Especially with me going back to school. By earning my own extra cash, I am able to buy stuff for ME without thinking that ChatterBox has grown another 4 inches or groceries are going up. All that is taken care of in our household account. No, my Face Painting money is my crazy mad money. First of all, I am buying myself a lap top. There are too many people needing the computer for homework. I need my own. Then I am saving for an iPad. Why you ask? I covet them. I love my iphone so why wouldn’t I love an iPad? Quit asking crazy questions! Then I am going into Coach and I am getting myself a fabulous bag. I may buy one before the iPad. I know! Now you understand how much I want one!!! When I was at Tiffany’s I discovered I want a Tiffany key really badly too. There is NO WAY I can Face Paint enough for that. Good thing I have a lotto ticket in my purse.

The next thing I did for me was go to my Hairdresser and tell her I want a new look. She got all excited and Jumping Jellyfish Batman, I have a whole new look! I have straight hair. Gone is the clown hair of yesterday. I am not sure how long the straight locks will stay, but ONE day for sure.

Coming up more self nurturing on the horizon. Next stop, the Library. I know that sounds wild and crazy. I love libraries and book stores. I want to flip through magazines. I miss the days where buying magazines was a regular occurrence. I just can’t justify them anymore. The expense and the green factor just put me off it. The library carries them. Maybe Thursday if I get my homework done, I will reward myself with a little library time.

First things first,  I need to register for yoga class. I will do that tomorrow. Life is getting good.

17 thoughts on “Got to Love a Long Weekend!

  1. Enjoy your weekend, ET! Sometimes you have to just treat yourself, especially if you’ve been having a rough time.

    We all know how things are financially these days and I’ve always believed that treats are absolutely necessary.

    I’m also glad you took a photo of the straight hair! It looks great, no matter how long you decide to keep it for.

  2. LOVE the new look!!! I just watched Risky Business recently, so will quote the famous Tommy-boy when I say, “sometimes you just gotta say, what the f*&k!” Spend your mad money wherever and whenever you want to – guilt free!!!

  3. You look gorgeous – enjoy the new ‘do! There’s nothing quite like a transforming ‘do to make you feel fabulous!
    Sorry to hear you’ve been in a funk, and I’m glad to hear the sunshine is starting to peek through the clouds again. Look after you – you’re so important and worth it!
    Sunshine xx

  4. OMG Your hair is fabulous. I didn’t recognize you at first. It really looks fabulous. Love the glasses too they go great with the hairstyle. . Outstanding!! Keep doing things for yourself and you will feel better about everything around you. It works for me. I take time for myself alot more now. Of course its easier for me now that my son is an adult.

  5. I love books, and my favorite hangouts are book stores like Powell’s, libraries, etc. Any place where there are tons of musty-smelling pages. Great haircut, btw.

  6. Just catching up on my blogs…but ET, I love your sentiments on books! There is so much beauty and amazing-ness when you open or flip or whatever any sort of physical publication. I used to have Yoga as a part of my routine…it made for some great stress relief! 🙂

  7. Ed- sorry only getting to all of your blogs now. Battling to find some balance, and everything has been piling up in the mean time.
    I absolutely love your hair! We have a recent fad in South Africa, which has consumed every curly, frizzy, wild haired person that there is. Not cheap- however last 4 months and tames your locks to perfect straight hair, with no hair dryer. (I dont need that- my haire is as fine, and straight and limp as ever….. i pile so much stuff into it everyday, and have to blow dry it every day to get some volume!!) Anyway, the fad is called a Brazilian treatment. You must ask your hairdressor about it.
    Then my next little tidbit- since i am hoping you missed me- you do not have to save for a laptop and an ipad. I played with one the other day. You really wont need a laptop once you have the ipad. It will be everything. So maybe think about saving for it first? I am convinced that they will take over from the laptop completely. Something to think about.

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