The Mom Who Drank Wine on the Champs Elysees

Ever since I saw Charade (1963) with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant, I wanted to sit on the Champs Elysees, drink wine in a quaint cafe and watch the world go by. In my mind it happened like that. In my mind I was dressed Hepburn-esq, in Givenchy head to toe, because that is all she ever wore since Givenchy designed her wardrobe for Sabrina in 1954. She always looked stunning. In my mind, so did I.

In reality I was chillaxing with the muppets at a pizza joint on the Champs Elysees. I hear you…ED, seriously? A PIZZA JOINT? French food is so freaking amazing and you eat pizza on the Champs Elysees. How disappointing! Agreed. It was disappointing if you look at it from that point of view. Let me explain…

As you know, our day started at Notre Dame, continued to the Louvre, then moved up the Seine to the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower was one of those “WOW” moments where you think about what you are seeing. It was the entrance to the worlds fair. Pablo Picasso looked out his window and could see it every day, the Nazi’s climbed to the top to fly their colours in a horrifying manner. The Eiffel Tower is an architectural marvel. It changed the way people built tall structures and bridges. It has stood in the same spot  since 1889. The iron lace work is beautiful. But it wasn’t the Champs Elysees.

We had seen more Paris tourist spots in one day then some people see in a week. By the time we walked halfway up the Champs Elysees, my feet were cranky. My shoulders were starting to get snarky with my neck and when my offspring are hungry they get crabby.  We were desperate for food. If anyone ever had muppets, you know how fussy they are when it comes to food.

Me: Look over there, a crepery!

Muppets: Ewww grosss!

Me:Look over there, a bistro!

Muppets: What’s Duck Comfit?

Me: Duck liver in fat.


Me: Look over there, a cute cafe!

Muppets: What’s Escargo?

Me: Snails in garlic butter.

Muppets: EEEEWWWWWW GROOOOOSSSS MOM NO WAY! Look its Pizza! I’m in!

Mom: eeww gross, FINE but I am drinking wine.

So, there is me drinking a glass of wine in an open air cafe/pizza joint, on the Champs Elysees, watching the world go by, imagining I am wearing Givenchy, pretending I had bags from all the shops we passed along the way Gucci, Prada, Channel,and Hermes.

After dinner, the muppets were satisfied and I got to walk father up the Champs Elysees and pass by Cartier. Everyone else was checking out The Arc de Triomphe and trying to figure out how the people crossed over to get to the top of the arch. There was me checking out Cartier and imagining I just bought myself a Laniers bracelet,  covered in diamonds. ($12600 if you must know).

Did I get to experience everything I had hoped I could? No, but I had the perfect back drop to my secret fantasy and I loved every minute. I am thrilled I was able to take the Muppets to the Champs Elysees!

And I drank wine…






24 thoughts on “The Mom Who Drank Wine on the Champs Elysees

  1. Aaaaaah . . . . .to be there again .. . . . .Do you think we appreciated the fact we were actually there as much as we should have.

    1. I know I did, I was completely in the moment except for pretending I was pretentious in the cafe pizza joint. The Offspring look back and I think appreciate it more every time something comes up on TV they say “WE WERE THERE!” I can’t speak for the rest of the muppets tho 😉

  2. What a beautiful Audrey Hepburn moment. And what counts is what you were looking at, not where you were sitting. Your family were happy, so you could enjoy your wine and the view in peace … what a pleasure!
    Lovely photos.
    Sunshine xx

  3. Credit Due where Credit Due.
    The only way you knew those amazing facts about the Eiffel Tower was due to Genetic Offspring’s bottomless wealth of knowledge.

  4. Who cares what you ate! You excreted it out anyway…haha!! It is what you were doing, where you were, and who you were with that make all those memories perfect.
    And of course the wine.
    I can not wait to actually do a trip like this. I will text you all along t
    the way. Perhaps i should first add it to the bucket list hey?
    Hope you well Ed!!

  5. On our tour in 2006 we drove through the Champs Elysees on the way to Versailles. Those that didn’t take the option walked it like you. Your walk was more exciting then our overcrowded tour of Versailles. We did get up the Eiffel Tower that day I’ll never forget it. What a thrilling experience to be able to take pictures of Paris from that height. I actually enjoyed it more than being on the London Eye. I felt like I was king of the world. Paris is a beautiful city and your picutres brought back some great memories. I have to go back!!

  6. Actually I am thinking….can you come down here and get me organized? I ‘use’ to be what I thought was a very organized person where everything has it’s place type of gal. My coworkers and bosses think I still aml. I beg to differ as I know how organzied I use to be. I think I have fallen off that wagon and I have let things slide. Seems to me I could use a pick me up….lol ~Tracie~

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