January Schmanuary, Roll on Summer!



The Christmas Bills are in! And the winner is….. Master Card. Well isn’t that just priceless.

We strived for a leaner Christmas and succeeded, but Crimemany Crickets gifts are pricey. Did I get a Tiffany filled box under the tree? No siree bob! Was there a plethora of pretty boxes and ribbons under the tree? Nope. Are the Offspring left feeling hard done by? Nope. Am I?

Good Question. Am I? Maybe a little. There isn’t anything I really want. There wasn’t anything anyone really wanted- and if there was they got it. Doesn’t that sound like we are bunch of spoiled brats? To some extent I suppose we are. So why do I feel like I didn’t get what I want for Christmas?

I suppose it is all part of my tourist transition. Leaving the Caterpillar me behind and transforming into the Chrysalis. Eric Carle ( The Very Hungry Caterpillar) says 14 sleeps before I am a butterfly. He is a big fat liar. It has been 147 days since I have started this journey and today is a rough patch. Intellectually I understand that money doesn’t buy you happiness. But it does pay bills and take major stress away. I think I need to regroup and make a list of attainable items I need for my transition.

1> A Career Upgrade. I like my job. I REALLY like my team. I REALLY REALLY like how aspects of it make me laugh. But… Did you hear that coming? BUT my job is becoming mundane. For those of you who know what I do I know you are laughing. Maybe it is mundane because the challenge is gone. An Upgrade is in order. Before I can get an Upgrade, I need to finish my degree. Crap. That is taking forEVER. Next class starts Monday. I am maintaining an even keel. I guess that part of my life is on track – Check!

2>I suffered an injury on my vacation to Europe that has made me feel like I am crippled. It is holding me back and starting to make other parts of my body angry so they are hurting too. My Doc says, time is all it needs. Crap. I am giving it more love and coddling then I give my offspring. It still hates me and it is a big baby about it. This is the first time in my life where I wish I was younger so I could heal faster. I can hear my beloved Great Aunt Sister D “all it will take is three shakes of a dead lambs tail, then it will be right as rain” Dead Lambs don’t move very fast, I just noticed that. I am taking it slow. Check!

3>School is expensive. It takes a ton of time and money. I wish I could just go back full-time and be done with it. I noticed Genetic Offspring is a giant today. He grows faster then I can blink. Little Chatterbox isn’t little any more. She eats and grows too. I put my foot down yesterday. She asked for another pair of jeans. She has 4 that fit her. I have 1. I decided I don’t want to give up the possibility of having another pair of jeans so she can have a new pair. Time for her to get a job. Maybe I can get them to stop eating too. Check!

3> I need an intellectual challenge. School isn’t doing that for me. I thought it might. I have learned that I know a lot of stuff that makes my job easier. I have also learned it is the same stuff they want me to learn for my degree.The stuff I don’t know, is logical and easy to find. Then I know it and makes my job easier too. That is a win\win situation. It doesn’t help me intellectually. Blogs I read help. The Arts really help. Stranger friends I have met on FB help too. The Metropolitan Opera in New York is showing a series of operas at the local cinema this spring. They will be simulcast live in the theater. I think I want to go. If you wish to join me and then engage in conversation about what we experienced, I would love for you to join me. If that’s not your bag, that’s fine too. The internet has become a great way for me to meet people who also have the need to share thoughts and ideas. Check!

So where does that leave me?

I need patience. Rats, okay fine I will work on that.

I need my injury to heal. Rats, that needs patience.

I need money. Rats, okay fine, patience will help me out with that too.

I need an intellectual challenge. Rats, I see a pattern forming here. Patience will lead me to the intellectual challenge I need.

Stupid Patience! I am not liking you very much right now.

I can do this. Slow and steady wins the race. Patience is a virtue. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera… Alright my dearest readers, start throwing clichΓ©s at me so I can get through the week. Thanks for being there for me xxx


18 thoughts on “January Schmanuary, Roll on Summer!

  1. I have been waiting patiently for 40 years to win a lottery. So far that hasn’t happen. So much for patience!

    1. How is that helpful? I asked for cliches not instant gratification. I made a new years resolution to win the lottery so I’ve got your back when it happens. Noticed I said WHEN… Hahaha πŸ™‚

  2. I think it’s the prime time of year to feel just…worn out. I am craving spring/summer like you wouldn’t believe. I can’t wait for the sweet spring breezes and the sights of colorful buds in view. I need winter to leave, ASAP, and I need a breather. I am with you, sister. I need a personal organizer to come in to my life, clean my apartment and my head, and then give me a massage πŸ™‚

    Hang in there! Spring will be here before you know it!

    1. Oh Auntie, the snowbank is over my head and I know the snow will keep falling until April. You are right, Spring will be here before I know it and with that comes new hope – yes that is my Star Wars reference for the day πŸ˜‰
      The personal organizer is a good tip – I need a massage and I think I am missing the hustle and bustle in my life. The rest was good, clearly I need chaos.
      Thanks Sweet Girl!

  3. “Misery loves company” I am SO missing summer today too!

    “What do you get when you don’t get what you want? Experience.”
    I believe Genetic Offspring understands this concept of Life Lessons…

    And finally (I’m sure you know who wrote this):
    “All our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them”

  4. Ah Ed you sound down! I am sorry! Here is something for you, not a cliche though:
    “When we are foolish, we want to conquer the world. When we are wise, we want to conquer ourselves!” John C Maxwell.
    I think that is exactly where you are right now, and that is not a bad place to be.

  5. Love, I would like to tell you to hang in there!

    If you would like an intellectual challenge–read some books. Some old books. OR try to take up a new skill! Learn these skills thru the culture of the people or just make it up! For me, I am learning Reflexology. πŸ™‚ That is what’s keeping my mind good and charged!

    Good luck ET!

  6. We all hav those days but having attainable goals is the way to move forward and it helps to outline them as you have. You and I sound more alike each day… well at least on the career front. I am in a similar career spot, ready to move on, try something new. I’m bored, I’m burnt out. I need to be more creative. I’m craving it and I’m looking back on opportunities that have passed me by over the years and feeling some regrets about not going after them. It’s part of the reason I have ended up here on wordpress writing. But yes, you’re quote about money doesn’t buy happiness, but…. is spot on. It’s finding that fine balance between a career that brings happiness yet still pays the bills!

    1. Maybe it is our age. Old enough to finally know we don’t have all the answers anymore. With age comes the wisdom to understand we need more wisdom πŸ™‚
      Isn’t it great to find bloggers who get what you are going through? Thanks Brown Road, I need to buy you a coffee. Don’t worry, I will order it for you lol πŸ™‚

  7. I was feeling blue today and was crying on the way to work. Winter blues too much snow not looking forward to tax time at all. The usual I always get this way in January. Got to the office read your blogs from the weekend and you and your readers just put everything into perspective. Thanks for the blogs and the comments from other readers. They cheered me up. I just have to be patient. January will end February will be here Valentines Day Family Day Weekend things to look forward to. Paitence everybody needs it whether we like it or not. When your done school and making more $$ It will be worth it.

    1. I don’t want to hear you are crying! You are my rock! I am glad we cheer you up, my blogger friends cheer me too and I really have become quite dependent on them. WordPress is my new facebook. When I am done school I will be 143. Patience is a virtue….
      Cheer up Chum, tomorrow is another day πŸ™‚

  8. If I’ve learned one thing in my short life on Earth is to have more patience with myself. I can’t do everything today, this minute. And, you are the only person in charge of your change, transformation as you called it πŸ™‚ Funny post – and I hear ya!

    1. Stupid Patience! Always rears it’s ugly head when I want instant gratification. Insert BIG SIGH right here -> 😐
      I picked “transformation” because I always thought it would be cool to be a transformer. Bring it Optimus Prime!

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