Welcome to Crazytown

I live in Crazytown.

As I flip through my favorite blogs, lots of my favorite writers are reflecting on this past year. As you may or may not know, New Years for me is the first day of school. Today is just the 3rd last day of my vacation. As I look at my life I realize my muppet family truly live up to their well defined reputation.

Yesterday The Evil Genius left us for warmer climates Down Under. He spent the better part of 5 or 6 weeks with us in Edmonton Crazytown. The cold wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be. No one froze to death. The snow was deep, slippery and actually looked like snow from the movies. His excitement over the big giant flakes that were actually true to the myth –ย  different from one to the next – was adorable. Imagine someone excited over snow! This had to be from someone who doesn’t live with it from October to April. It isn’t the snow that makes us crazy – it is what we do in it.

When I was younger, my Great Grandmother shared with me tales of her younger days raising a family on the prairies of Saskatchewan. She was a widowed Teacher of 5 children trying to do laundry during the Great Depression without a tumble dryer! How did she survive? Well my dear readers, what you may or may not know is : There is NO MOISTURE here in the Great White North. You wake up in the morning and think you may have a cold. Your nose is stuffy, your throat is sore and dry, but wait! You have a beverage, maybe hop in the shower and voila! You are back to normalish. Just moisturize lots and often so your skin won’t crack and bleed and it’s ALL good!

Anyway….back to my Gram… She would wash all the clothes then stack the clothes flat in her laundry basket still wet. Out the back porch she would go. The colder the better. Gram would let the clothes freeze solid. It wouldn’t take long for the clothes to freeze in -30F. In 2 days or less, the clothes wouldn’t be stiff any longer. All the moisture would be evaporated out of them. Likely it was how the concept “Freeze Dried” was developed. She would bring them in, give the clothes a shake, then fold and put them away. DONE!

Here in Crazytown, December 31, 2010, Honey decides he wants to do this after telling Evil Genius a similar story about how his mom did laundry in the winter when he was young. (Clearly Honey is 100 years old and if his sister are reading this – please feel free to confirm or deny this history or your mom’s life on the prairies) So here am I sitting at the Kitchen Table, enjoying my morning coffee, watching Honey out on the deck taking pictures of the frozen clothes. Just so you know, we have a perfectly lovely dryer, Candy Apple Red LG with all the bells and whistles. Does he think it works well for drying things? ABSOLUTELY! Does he thinks it is fun to freeze clothes solid just like his mom did? ABSOLUTELY! Only I am willing to wager his mom didn’t find it so fun. The next step will probably be graph and chart the humidity verses drying time of the clothes. I have a feeling it will be a long wait for clean clothes this winter.

Welcome to Crazytown 2011.

22 thoughts on “Welcome to Crazytown

  1. That’s hilarious, ET – I look forward to hearing how this all dries out! hahaha!
    Much love and blessings to you for 2011, school, blogging, family and everything in between! I’m happy to have connected with you in blogland.
    Sunshine xx

    1. Happy New Year Sunshine! I am equally happy to have connected with you! You have brought such touching stories to my life – and shown me a part of Africa that I was never aware of! Thank you my friend – here is wishing you everything that you deserve in 2011!!

  2. It all depends on your definition of “Normalish”. Not exactly a true word, I think “Abby Normal” is a much better phrase. ROFLMAO.
    Graphs will be available for a fee (I’d probably have to pay Evil Genius or Genetic Offspring to produce them).

    It is true about Mom’s work, I’d never slag her, even if the Muppet Sisters won’t back me up.

    But you will notice that the photo also includes the BBQ which gets occasional use during the long dark months (EG has the photos to prove it)
    That is truly the Abby Normal part of life in the GWN.

  3. Make sure they are all Honey’s clothes….. Never even imagined something like that could actually work? Sounds pretty cool though.

    Hope you have had an awesome start to the New Year girl!

  4. Let hubby use the frozen towel, before it unfreezes for his shower tomorrow.

    I also have a red dryer, use the bbq in winter on a deck that looks like yours, and have no humidity/moisture for the next few months..I had to check google earth quickly to see if I was living in crazy town, but alas it just feels that way sometimes.

    Cold, snow, and being cooped up does make people do odd things. Give your husband this one pass for the year. Call him out on the next one though!

    1. What is the deal with guys wanting to try this? Please be advised, high humidity will foil your experiment and the KAW will go looking for her clothes and be frustrated because they are frozen. Just giving up the heads up, good luck!

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