Shhhh be wery wery qwiet, it’s Secwet Santa time!

Roll on Christmas Break! I submitted my last assignment and can now kick back a relax. Say it with me, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. What a relief! So that gives me 12 days to bake, shop, wrap and party Christmas style. I baked a bit yesterday and brought some into work to share with my team. It has been a very long time since I was stress free enough to think about baking and actually enjoy it!

I brought in shortbread, placed it on the table and invited the team  to indulge. A gal at work picks up a cookie and says very wide eyed “but they aren’t burnt!” Um no, I wouldn’t have shared those ones.

12 days until Christmas. I need to mark in a way that it will be memorable! I could buy geese a laying or Lords a Leaping, but how do you pack those away after Christmas? Storage has become a big issue for me.

I think I will try to make an effort to participate in “something” Christmasy every day until Christmas Eve, but I need help to come up with something everyday!

1. Bring in Shortbread to share

2. Go to an Oilers Hockey Game ( It’s Christmasy, Seasons Greeting is written on the ice!)

Okay, that’s two things on my list. CLEARLY I need a nap. I need to refresh or reboot or something.

Or maybe I will participate in Random Acts of Christmas. I think I might end up being a secret Santa. I could pick on someone unsuspecting, someone who doesn’t read this blog (I know what you are thinking, who doesn’t read this blog? Thanks for the ego boost!) I will have to do it in a way they won’t suspect me. I may need to be a secret Santa to myself so they won’t be too suspicious. I can do it, I am sneaky enough – right mom?

Years ago I participated in a Secret Santa event at my first real job. Real because it was in my chosen profession. Now THAT was a fun Christmas! I pick a name of a gal I didn’t know. She was new to the place. The plan was to give a gift or special treat every day without her suspecting it was from me. I tried to be incredibly creative! I bought pencils with her name on it, I made treats and wrapped them in unusual boxes, I gave her a pez, some chocolate, a hot wheel of her dream car, I made her a tape with great and unusual Christmas songs, and I hid these items all over the office. She had to read clues to figure out where these things were. I stuffed notes in balloons and attached a thumb tack on a string. I wrote messages in mirror image. This was WAY more fun for me I’m sure, then it was for her. She told me it went a long way to making her feel welcome at this new place. Thinking about her gave me an idea.

As you all know I embarked on a new adventure this fall. Not only did I go back to University, but I accepted the challenge of working with a new team. For those who know me and those who don’t, I can be a little lot bossy. I am working with new team members who don’t read this blog. I hope to ease them in and show them I can be kind too – not just bossy! So I am going to confess right now to being the Secret Santa. (Trophi Girl and Chicken Hawk YOU MUST KEEP QUIET! No spilling the secret and there may be a little something in it for you if your good!)

I have it all planned out! I went to Dollarama and purchase stupid stuff and tiny gift bags. I am making tags with their names on it and hiding one everyday in a place where I know they will look at some point. I am so excited about doing this I needed to share so I wouldn’t burst! Of course I will receive a gift every day too, so no one will suspect me either. Hee Hee Hee I CAN’T WAIT!

8 thoughts on “Shhhh be wery wery qwiet, it’s Secwet Santa time!

  1. All my life I’ve never been involved in a Secret Santa exchange. Sniff. I feel so left out…I have engaged in plenty of White Elephant parties, at least. Which were fun, but I’m like you: storage is an issue. Where to keep the damn elephants once I get them home?!

  2. That was inspiratonal. Stunning!!! I now really am thinking about actually doing something like that at the office….. but i am always the last to leave- so they may guess it is me! (Oh- solution, place one for myself!!) Well done Ed!!!

  3. Man, WHY am I not getting this linked mentions on my Dashboard? Thanks for the shout-out, E.T.! I love your idea…something Christmassy that I love doing is simply sitting down with someone you love and watching a Christmas movie, complete with popcorn, hot cider and other holiday goodies, while basking in the glow of your tree. How about caroling? I know it’s chilly in your neck of the woods, but you could bundle up extra tight, like that kid in “A Christmas Story”!

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