Give Me a Wink and a Smile!

My head has been swimming with Mission and Vision Statements for projects in my University Class.  It got me thinking about personal goals. If a business or an organization has a mission statement to remind them who they are and what they do. Maybe I need one to keep my focus and attain my goals too!

I could go to parties and say “that’s right, I have a mission statement”, and be all cool about it. I just reread that last sentence. There is nothing cool about telling people I have a mission statement.

But if I call it a Theme Song, then maybe I am on to something!

So let’s discuss the musical possibilities, shall we? I need to make a list of criteria that is important to me.

1.      The song must have a nice memory attached to it.

2.      The song must be catchy and make me feel like smiling

3.      At no point could the Wonder Girls ever have covered it. It would diminish it in my eyes.

4.      The song must have a good message to share with my Offspring, after all I still strive to be a positive role model and lead by example.

My first thought would be Brian Wilson by the Barenaked Ladies. Most days all I want to do is lay in bed. Let’s look at how it fits the criteria. 1> It has a very nice memory attached to it. Genetic Offspring often danced to it when he was two. He was cute to watch! 2> I only feel like smiling because of the memory – so I need to scrap this one already.

Brightside of the Road by Van Morrison 1> I have several great memories attached to this song. The most fun one is dancing barefoot in the park with several girlfriends on a hot summer evening. 2> I love Van – his music always makes me feel like smiling! 3> The Wonder Girls have never covered it, and if they have please don’t tell me! 4> Hmm This song is either about sharing a heavy burden with your love OR picking up a hooker in a dark alley.  Unfortunately this may be a fail.

Twist and Shout by the Beatles 1> This song has several great memories ranging from High School to Rock Band Friday nights with my family! 2> I always sing it loud and proud while smiling from ear to ear! 3> The Wonder Girls never covered it! 4> Not a stellar message. Just a dancing song. Rats – it’s a fail.

Wink and a Smile by Harry Connick Jr. 1> Again, several great memories from watching Sleepless in Seattle for the first time with my Honey. Going to Seattle with my sister for the best girls weekend ever – and when I say best – I mean I really hope we get to do it again soon! 2> The piano trills make me smile every time! I love how my shoulders keep time and its fun for me to sing!  3> The Wonder Girls have never covered this song!! 4> It fits with my life, from my Honey to my Offspring, from my Parents to my Granny. This song makes me smile and cry all in one. I even loved how it was placed as a theme song to Tom Hanks playing with his son Jonas on the beach in Seattle. It sends the message of family priorities. That will help me find balance. The perfect message for the Edmonton Tourist this year!  I think I found a winner!

Let’s listen shall we?

I want to hear what your theme song might be!

11 thoughts on “Give Me a Wink and a Smile!

  1. Not too sure what my theme song would be….how about Stupid Girl by Pink?? Things at my house are always so crazy, there’s gotta be a song that would fit? Guess I just don’t listen to enough music!

    1. Stupid Girl by Pink? ANGELA! Let me pick a better one for you – How about No more Drama by Kylie Minogue, or This is My Life by Firewater?
      I’ll keep thinking…

  2. You really got me thinking here! Hmmm, if I had to choose a theme song I reckon it would be “Proud” by Heather Small. It has special memories, as it came out when we were in the UK on holiday, with our two then-young sons, in 2000. I really love the song, it lifts my spirit and forces me to think differently about myself when my default is not to. And, I saw Heather Small perform this live in about 2005 – she was a surprise guest at a Women’s Day show I went to in Cape Town!

  3. Great Blog Robyn.
    Loved the Toy Story Video. Somedays “Maniac” would be my theme song when I am on a cleaning frenzy. I do smile every time I hear Taylor Swifts “Love Story.” It was the theme song for When in Rome It’s a happy little tune and makes me feel like dancing and heading to Italy for a vacation everytime I hear it.

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