I Want to take my Pail and Shovel and Move to a New Sandbox, But I won’t

After a perfectly fine day, I receive one comment that made me pause and evaluate myself. To be truthful, I felt awful. I received a bit a criticism today.



the act of passing judgment as to the merits of anything.

the act of passing severe judgment; censure; fault-finding.

The old non-tourist me would have deleted the comment and stopped writing. I must admit, I was tempted. I sat there, looking at my iPhone, reading the comment over and over. Then a thought occurred to me. The whole point of this blog, or experiment is to try new things and take risks. I decided to leave it up and respond with the truth.  It is yesterdays blog if you wish to read it.

I am leaving it up for a couple of reasons. 1> I love to receive comments! Good, bad or indifferent comments leave room for personal growth. Sure I love to hear the good stuff more than the negative, but the negative is valid too. 2> I need to remember to think before I speak. It gets me into trouble and this in no exception. 3> I am entitled to a bad day just like you are. That was my bad day.

I am a firm believer in learning from past experiences. So this is what I have learned: What I find humorous, others can find humorless. If that is the case, this blog is not for you. I am okay with that! I know I have a target audience, my blog can’t possibly appeal to the masses. For those of you who are my regular readers and are sharing this journey with me, thank you! I value and appreciate you more than you will ever understand. I have a dark sense of humor. Not everyone understands it or appreciates it. I am okay with that! Just be aware that what goes on in my head is not PG rated, I only share that humor with a certain few. We have an ability to seek each other out and enjoy the things we find humorous.

I have also learned I am permitted to have a bad day and rant about it. It is called freedom of speech. I am also permitted to not edit if I don’t feel like it. It’s my blog. I write because it is cathartic. My Dad is the English major, not me. I am working on my Applied Human Services Degree. I use spell check when I think of it, I write like I think. Writing like I think has given me some high marks in University. It is called Critical Thinking. A skill that is coveted by many people. So sentence structure be damned!

I try not to be hurtful. If any of my readers found yesterdays blog to be hurtful I am sorry you feel that way. But I stand by my point. People need to learn to follow instructions. It will save time and money in the end.

In the end, I must thank you “someone”. You helped me face another challenge in my life. To quote a man who has taught me many things:
“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

-Walt Disney

That is what I strive to do everyday.



13 thoughts on “I Want to take my Pail and Shovel and Move to a New Sandbox, But I won’t

  1. If I’d read that comment yesterday, today’s post would have been entirely different. I might just make it the topic of Friday’s post. It’s always interesting when people are so very brave about berating someone that they do it anonymously.

    We are all entitled to our bad days, our rants and our spelling mistakes. We’re all familiar with the old saying “Nobody’s perfect.” That alone is what makes us so interesting!

    This is YOUR blog, please do continue writing about anything and everything that you want to write about and know that there will be those of us who continue to enjoy your posts irrespective of their content.


    1. Did I happen to mention that I adore you? Thank you so much for your support and kind words 🙂
      I know who they are by their email and could “out them” of course. They feel the need to be anonymous, so I will respect that. Oh well, tell me my Oracle, will I have a better day tomorrow?

    1. Sorry, that sent before I’d finished! I love your blog, you make me laugh and I don’t see any errors in the way you write. I think the comment says far more about the writer than about you … xx

    1. I did use the first name, that is true. A first name is still respecting privacy. No one is able to use her email address or find out her last name, but I wanted her to know I know her identity – just like I know who you are.

  2. Perfection is not the goal in a blog (or life). The best bloggers share insight, opinion, connection, and a good story. They pay attention to the world in ways that help their readers pay attention. That’s what I love about your writing, Robyn. The whole point of blogging is to touch readers–and being a little nervy helps. You touched a nerve. A reader touched a nerve back. That’s blogging for ya.

  3. Actually, I’d be very upset if you used my first name. And no, you don’t know who I am. If you know exactly who I am, and everything about me, I’d be very VERY concerned.

    “Someone” has a right to their opinion just as you do. I think they were a complete bitch about it, but, maybe like you, they were having a bad day. But they have freedom of speech as well.

    1. Fear not Kasen, but do be aware a simple google search of your email shows me how we are connected in the gaming world. Because I have critical thinking skills, I am able to surmise your actual identy although I am not for certain.
      I do want to be clear, I am not angry nor do I harbor ill will. Like Virgina said, this is what blogging is all about. Taking positive in a gracious light, and being equally gracious bout the negitive. I do know Someone had a bad day by her status on Facebook, she is entiled to say what she feels approprate,as do I. Being compared to an idiot hurt more then being call Fatty. I take my brains very seriously as should everyone. I blog, I expect people to think differently than me. I provide my email address, FB, and Twitter info because I stand by what I say and am willing to face consequences that go along with my actions. That is the purpose of my blogging adventure. To learn and grow.
      If nothing else, these past days made a lot of people think. So really, isn’t that a great thing?

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