What Were You thinking?

I took a break today from homework and cooking (actually my honey did most of the cooking for our belated Thanksgiving Dinner – Thanks Honey!). It was about a 5 minute break. I was intrigued by a quiz a facebook friend took entitled “When Will You Die?”. She will be murdered in New York in 2013. I thought ” Cool! She gets to go to New York! I want to die in New York too!”. So off I clicked to fill out the facebook quiz, because we all know facebook quizzes are true! After I answered all the bizarre questions, I was told I will die January 28, 2060 via a surgery accident in Hollywood, California at the age of 93. So I guess I will have plastic surgery after all! Not sure why I would travel to Hollywood for it, but that is okay because we all know facebook is correct and never gives bad advice or suggestions. Right? I am I right?

I am a fairly smart, critical thinker. I know facebook is not a fortune teller, I leave that up to my Australian friends. It shocks me when I speak to people who believe everything they read. So listen up people, just because it is in print doesn’t make it fact. For example, Wikipedia is not a valid resource. It is billed as a “free encyclopedia that anyone can edit”. I don’t know about you, but I know a lot of people who have many of their facts wrong and yet they spew them as if it is truth. This really concerns me because if a person speaks with conviction, they are able to persuade others into many other pursuits. I am not even talking about crazy cult culture, but that still applies here. What really concerns me is women making poor choices. This topic came up in conversations I have had with smart women over the weekend. It still is a major problem and the sad reality is society ends up paying for bad decisions.

My question is: Why can’t people make their own decision? Why do the majority of people feel the need to seek advice and listen to it, even if it is bad advice? What happened to intuition? Intuition is that feeling or voice you have inside telling you to run when you are scared or stand your ground when you need too.

It is one thing to ask the girls if the skirt you are trying on makes you look ridiculous, it is a whole other ball game when the decision is a life altering event.

Years ago I made poor decisions that effected the rest of my life. I was able to make the most of the situation but part of me wishes I listened to my intuition rather than the people around me. I chalk it up as a learning experience. I have other major decisions in my life to make in the coming months. Should I ask an Australian? Or should I listen to my intuition? I am not about to be another woman making bad choices, so I think I will go with my gut feeling.

Hopefully it isn’t gas.

3 thoughts on “What Were You thinking?

  1. Awwwww,
    Thanks for the kudos about dinner, but you might be right.
    It IS my cooking, so It really could be just gas after all.

  2. True, this. I guess there is so much advice and information and so many talk shows out there, that it can become scary to trust your own sense of what is right and wrong. And you’d need to be pretty desperate to ask an Australian … haha! Just jokes!
    Sunshine xx

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