No, I Actually Pay to Have My Hair Look Like This.

The year was 1984. I had HUGE 80’s hair and I needed a drastic change. My girlfriends and I went to see Against All Odds with Rachel Ward. I can’t tell you anything about the movie except how great her hair looked! It was short, curly and dark, coincidentally the same as mine! I left the theater with the movie magazine in hand and marched off to my hairdresser. She looked at it for several minutes then started cutting. I emerged sporting a sexy new ‘do! The sad and tragic news of that day is, that hairstyle stayed with me for 2 decades.

I realized I needed to look in the mirror when I started teasing people with the same feathered locks they sported in high school. I would think to myself and when I say “myself” I mean out loud, Welcome to 1979! Time to join the 21st century people! Eh hem! Look here missy, you have no room to talk! Wow, I was one of those sad people who couldn’t leave their past behind.

Time to march myself off to the hairdresser again. This time I picked someone new. Someone who was young and hip, someone who was current. I confessed to her and she told me what I needed to do. Grow my hair out, and see her regularly to keep it looking nice-ish while it was growing. I could do this, not a problem.

So time passed, and I saw her every 4 weeks while the hair was growing. Then suddenly, it was time. A new hairstyle was born! I really like her because she encourages me to try new things. She attempts to keep me as current as my hair will allow. Now remember I have Clown Hair, so styles are limited but we try.

Fast forward to my vacation in Europe. I had Clown Hair Extreme. The humidity was off the scale, not quite Florida, but it was a far cry from my dry as toast prairie home. My hair was long and fuzzy, about a sexy as the Jewish reporter on Glee. I was desperate. After arriving home, I lasted two days. I needed my hairdresser. So off I went to get a new ‘do! She chopped about 6″ off, it was light, flowing in a fluffy soft way. Curls were defined. It was cute! I loved it! Then I went to work…

My team didn’t notice. When I said I got almost 6″ cut off, my co-worker said “Really? It looks the same!” Gee… Thanks? I take a risk and get half a foot of hair removed and it looks the same? Awesome.

So where does that leave me for my next risky hair do? I guess I will dye it Granny Blue because I already have the Permanent.

6 thoughts on “No, I Actually Pay to Have My Hair Look Like This.

  1. Hair – I often look at old photos and wonder what on earth I was thinking! Especially in the 80s! Please don’t go for the Granny Blue – we call them hydrangea heads! I’m sure your hair looks great!
    Sunshine xx

  2. I’m with you. I hate that when you do something drastic to your hair and no one notices, or they ask a month later did you do something new with you hair. Very annoying. The frizzy hair is hereditary as I get it too on holidays even with my poker straight hair. Can’t wait to see your new do. Stay away from the old lady colours they are not flattering on anyone.

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