Nice ‘fro! Did you pay to have it look that?

There is something so fabulous about a Drag Show! I was continuing my further adventures through Fringing by attending Guys in Disguise Classic III in 3D.  This had to be my 8 or 9th Drag show spanning 2 decades and I dragged hauled my hubby to this one. It was his first AND he liked it! I love how feminine and girlie and risque the Ladies are. I am kind of jealous actually!

The Google Dictionary describes Feminine as:

fem·i·nine Adjective

  • Having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with women, esp. delicacy and prettiness
    • a feminine frilled blouse

I always have looked at the very feminine women in my life and felt a tiny bit envious. Not completely envious…just a tiny bit. For those of you who know me and those you don’t, delicate is not a word that one would use to describe me. As a child I was always compared to Lucy, from the Peanuts. “Bull in a china shop” might be another phrase you could use to describe me. I was never the girl with the hair and make up and dressed to the nines. Maybe briefly during high school, but high school doesn’t count because I wasn’t a fully developed human being yet. I was still trying to figure “it” out. Besides, High School was the 80’s, AND WE ALL KNOW 80’s FASHION WAS GHASTLY! So, no, High School does not count.

Besides, I was cursed blessed with curly hair. The ONLY time my curly hair has been feminine was during the 80’s when big hair was “totally awesome!”.  Curly hair has a mind of it’s own. I remember sitting in front of my mirror every morning before school. Blowing my hair out, curling it, gelling it, until it didn’t look like I stuck my finger in a socket any more. Then off to school I would trot. Once sitting in class, I could actually feel my hair move. All that hard work making my hair looked “totally RAD!” would be for not. No, my hair hated me. It would lay in wait for me to be busy, focused on other things and then it would make it’s move. SPROING! I would leave class with bed head. Yes! I was “totally psyched!” Okay, so I lied, my hair wasn’t even feminine in the 80’s.

What does it feel like to have long gorgeous locks of hair that does what you ask it too and behaves like it loves you? I have a fantastic hair stylist who is reasonably great with my hair. Let’s face it, she is doing the best she can with my hair. Maybe the Drag Queens have got it right. They wear SYNTHETIC hair. I could do that. I could change out my hair everyday and look FABULOUS too! But to be feminine, I would need more then hair. Gigantic feet do not look cute and sexy in a size 10 sling back. True, my eyebrows need pruning, mascara wouldn’t hurt, maybe a pedicure and a manicure would help. So even if the Guys in Disguise gave me a makeover, would feminine be a word you would use to describe me? I can hear you laughing. True, it would take more then a make over.

If being feminine was really important to me, do you think I would have done something about it?  Likely – okay, most definitely. Do I think it is an important part of my tourist exploration? Maybe a little because it is a new avenue and one I have never been down before. Maybe I will start with shoes and a handbag, maybe some great earrings. But PLEASE if I ever start to look like the people of Wal-Mart. Just let me know.

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